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VALUE: Solvent Recovery 2

Environmental reporting & compliance

Pictured: Solvent tanks in our New Berlin processing facility


Ultra TM towels are professionally laundered for reuse










We understand that environmental reporting is an important part of sustainability initiatives in many industries. The use of Ultra TM Printer Towels significantly enhances efforts to decrease Freedom Graphic Systems’ environmental impact. We support your initiatives by measuring and reporting solvent recovery data. This data helps Freedom Graphic Systems: „ Reduce waste liability „ Solvent recovery reports assist with EPA, OSHA, SARA, Title V and POTW reporting and ISO 14001 objectives „ Solvent recovery and waste reduction certificates reinforce corporate sustainability.

We help Freedom Graphic Systems comply with EPA Wipes Rule by:

Providing removable labels for placement on transportation containers for solvent- contaminated wipes.

Making changes to storage containers to ensure they are sealed and labeled according to the standard.

Implementing strict checks, as no free liquids can be accepted for transportation.

Solvent recovery and waste reduction certificates to reinforce your sustainability efforts.

Our Environmental Engineer, Jodi Drew, is available as a resource for waste stream elimination, solvent recovery and compliance questions.

Visit compliance for more information


Solvent Recovery Reports at Freedom Graphic Systems

Solvent Recovery 10,192 gal. of solvent were prevented from entering the environment through Freedom Graphic Systems’ utilization of launderable, reusable towels, processed through ITU AbsorbTech’s proprietary solvent recovery and data reporting system over the past 3 years.

2019 Solvent Recovery Chart - Milton, WI

0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100


Jan '19

Feb '19

Mar '19

Apr '19

May '19

Jun '19

Jul '19

Aug '19

Sept '19

Oct' 19

Most recent solvent report - Milton, WI Delivered to Maria Garcia in October, 2019


VALUE: Waste Reduction 3

Solid waste reduction at Freedom Graphic Systems

Our programs have a measurable impact in pounds of solid waste diverted from landfill . Through the use of these programs, your facility is:

Your 2018 results 2,071 lbs. Freedom Graphic Systems diverted the following waste from landfills through ITU AbsorbTech service programs in 2018: 93,100 lbs. of industrial wiping towels of waste oil absorbents 3,050 lbs. of restroom hand towels 1,950 lbs. of mop heads 104 gals. of oil recovered from SorbIts ®

Diverting non-hazardous fluids from landfills and sewers.

Supporting sustainability objectives (ISO 14001) by conserving water, air, and utilization of raw materials. Eliminating costly waste disposal, manifesting, incineration.

We provide Freedom Graphic Systems with a quarterly waste report that shows facility- specific and product-specific pounds of waste diverted from landfills. Your year-to-date Waste Report is included as a handout seperate from this booklet.


VALUE: Cost Savings 4

Transparency & cost savings at Freedom Graphic Systems

StraightUp TM Billing

GLGA Membership

StraightUp!™ billing offers peace of mind so you can budget for the annual expense of your program. StraightUp!™ also saves time - you never have to search for hidden or ancillary fees on your invoice. There are no hidden fees or surprises, no unauthorized inventory charges and no charge automatic replacement charges which can add up to over 7% of inventory with other programs. And most importantly, we are transparent with your program by providing reports to show you exactly what your program costs. The below chart outlines Freedom Graphic Systems’ program costs over the past 3 years.

ITU AbsorbTech is a preferred provider of services for GLGA members. Freedom Graphic Systems’ earns a 1.5% rebate of the annual rental program spend. Rebates are issued in January as ITUdirect gift certificates.

2017- 2019 Rebate $4,204.95

Cost history report for Freedom Graphic Systems - Milton, WI


VALUE: Customer Quality Visitation Report 5

Measuring our performance

at Freedom Graphic Systems

Martin Rodriguez gave us a tour of the facility. Martin had all great things to say about product and service. - from CQVR with Martin Rodriguez Reviewed towel utilizations with Jeff. Working with customer on increasing SorbIts ® utilization. [Service rep] does a great job. - from CQVR with Jeff Ourada ” “ ”

Customer Quality Visitation Reports (CQVRs) help facilitate a conversation about your program. We take ratings and comments seriously in order to measure and track how you value our solutions and services .

Says he likes the fact that he never runs out of lint free towels & service reliability is always good. - from CQVR with Jeff Spies and Bob Geske

CQVR from Dec 2018 Milton, WI

loyalty. A 69 out of 100 is considered exceptional. 100

NPS* from Freedom Graphic Systems ratings of ITU AbsorbTech and its services. *Net Promoter Score is a proven method companies worldwide use to measure and improve


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