Vol 09 Issue 3 - August 2009


It is now nearly 12 years since a HACCP program was first developed for the Almond industry. There have been several different programs available, and they have been widely adopted by the industry. One of the reasons for the level of success is the manner in which the systems have been developed with an effective partnership and strong commitment operating between growers, shellers, processors and supported in the process by the Almond Board of Australia. Each group has undertaken their role to establish control of the identified hazards in their area of influence. Given the effectiveness of the approach in the past and the continued watching brief that is needed in food safety, a review has been commissioned to review the current systems used, look at detection levels of known risks and alert the industry to new/perceived risks given the increased size of the industry. Toachieve theseobjectives theABAhas engagedRural Solutions SA (David Pocock) to provide a Gap Analysis of current systems and on-farm practices and recommend changes to the industry to meet the changing hazards and risks being faced in Quality Assurance of almonds. After consulting with processors, crackers and some growers, recommendations will be brought to the ABA to develop a set of agreed QA requirements. Supporting work that is needed will be identified to the industry and presented at the ABA Conference on 29-30 October 2009. Quality Assurance by David Pocock, Rural Solutions SA

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