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HOWTOBOOSTTHEVALUEOF YOURHOME There are plenty of reasons to tackle a few home improvements this summer. Whether you’re planning on selling or looking to upgrade for the comfort of your own family, there are a lot of good reasons to up your property’s game. Here are five potential upgrades – from cosmetic to complete overhaul. 1. Redecorate. Fresh paint, new curtains and throw pillows, a piece of welcoming artwork – these simple changes will refresh any space and appeal to both homeowner and potential buyer. 2. Kitchen makeover. There’s a reason it’s called the heart of the home. From painting the cabinets to a total gut job, a kitchen facelift almost always adds value to a home. Just make sure you don’t spend too much creating your dream kitchen – high-end kitchen renos cost upwards of $50,000! 3. Upgrade a bathroom. Whether it’s the master, guest, powder room or all three, a bathroom upgrade is another home improvement that can bump up your home’s selling price. Smaller jobs include re-grouting and replacing faucets and showerheads, while bigger jobs mean new fixtures, new tile – perhaps a new bathroom entirely! 4. Outdoor appeal. Summer is the perfect time to make sure your outdoor spaces match the allure of your indoors. Paint or change out the front door, add plants, shrubs and trees and create an outdoor entertaining space sure to rival your living room for coziness. 5. Go green. Eco-friendly features are an attraction for potential buyers. Consider replacing current bulbs with LED, existing appliances with Energy Star rated ones and investing in other energy saving improvements such as a programmable thermostat. Go even further for the environment by looking into alternative energy sources such as solar panels or geothermal heating.


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THREEHEALTHYLIVINGTIPS Healthy living isn’t about starving yourself and working out seven days a week. It’s about making small healthy choices every day. Here are three quick tips you can add to your daily routine. 1. Keep moving. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Walk to a coworkers desk instead of sending them a message. And instead of watching TV after dinner, take your dog for a walk or your kids for a bike ride. 2. Stand up. New research shows that all the sitting we do is harmful to our health. So get up, stand up whenever you can. Try breaking up your sitting sessions with five minutes of standing and reap the rewards via better posture, increased circulation and reduced cholesterol levels. 3. Portion control. Portions have increased dramatically since the 1950s, both when dining out and at home. Simple ways to cut portions include eating off a smaller plate and dishing up in the kitchen rather than having the serving dishes at the table tempting you to take seconds and thirds. Eat every four hours so you never reach the point of starving, which can lead to overeating.

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