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German European School Singapore (Junior School)

Piera Man and Matthias Prystav, Swiss-British Elliot (6), Howard (4) and Milton (4)

We moved here from Zurich almost four years ago. Elliot has attended GESS for three years, while Howard and Milton started in August after being in local day-care. All three are in different classes, so we have deep insights into many different aspects of the school. The boys totally enjoy school, and their teachers work tirelessly to bring out the best in each of them and to build their self-confidence. In their green uniforms they do look like peas in a pod, but we are adamant that they develop and grow as individuals – particularly our twins, Howard and Milton. The teachers approach learning and exploration very holistically, which is a refreshing change to some of the hot-housing that you can encounter. We were initially concerned that our kids were maybe not hitting the same educational milestones as their local peers, but at the end of the day, it’s not only about scores, but also developing systematic enquiry skills and critical and creative thinking.

We have German, Swiss, British and Asian roots, so living and learning in another different country can either bemore enriching, or it can be unsettling. Most of the teachers have had plenty of exposure outside of Germany and Singapore, and their understanding of the practical and emotional needs of the boys is very reassuring. The teaching team is very multicultural in experience and mind-set, and what we like is that they all have a zest for life and learning. We visited a number of international schools before deciding. Ultimately, we want the boys to have broad exposure to the big wide world while experiencing local cultures, tapping into some of our Asian roots and, of course, receiving a relevant, high-quality German education. In short, as they go through school, we want them to know as much about where they come from as where they live – GESS ticks the boxes for all of that, and in a well-rounded and balanced way.

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