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Brad and Lisa Wong, Australian Joshua (6), Xander (6) and Ava (1)

HILLSIDE World Academy

Twins Joshua and Xander have been at Hillside (formerly Chinese International School) for three years and we have been delighted with the school for many reasons. The ‘immersion’ Mandarin programme has been great: the Chinese teachers speak Chinese to the kids throughout the day, with informal interaction both inside and outside of the classroom. Our children have already gained the confidence to speak, sing, read and write a lot of Mandarin. The English teachers have also been amazing and really attentive to the individual needs of each of the students. Managing the personal development of twins is not easy, and we feel that the teachers have really helped our boys to develop their confidence and individuality and have communicated well and regularly with us as parents. As newcomers to the IB, we have been really impressed by the philosophy behind the programme and love our boys’ positive attitude towards school and learning. HWA also offers a number of fun after- school co-curricular activities in the kindergarten years, like soccer, music, dance and art.

Like many expats, we see living in Singapore as a great opportunity for our children to learn to speak Mandarin. In choosing HWA, one of the key drawcards for us was its reputation as the top international school for kids to learn Mandarin. We’re not Mandarin speakers and so we really loved the thought of our children learning the language in a play-based ‘immersion’ kindergarten programme with teachers from China. The low student-to-teacher ratio is another big drawcard, as we feel that a teacher’s time and attention is the most valuable thing that a school can provide. We also liked the fact that HWA is a little smaller than some of Singapore’s other international schools, which helps the school tomaintain a great sense of community. We would wholeheartedly recommend HWA to other families who are keen for a truly bilingual experience as well as the personal touch that a small school can offer.

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