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Integrated International School Singapore David Jorden and Melinda Walley, Australian Georgia (14) and Benjamin (6)

Benjamin has been attending IIS for over six months, and our experience has been first class. He had spent the first six months of last year at a lovely community school in Australia that was unfortunately ill-equipped to deal with his individual needs. With a hearing loss and delay in speech, he struggled to cope with the large class and did not really engage in learning at all. At IIS, however, with the small class sizes, great teacher-to-pupil ratio, clear ground rules and expertise in dealing with kids who learn differently, he’s engaging with learning, doing his homework (although that remains a struggle!) and developing at a rate we have found pretty astounding. He loves dance, his friends and his extracurricular activities, and he is starting to “get” school life and learning. Having speech and behaviour therapy as part of the curriculum and school process is also really

helpful. The learnings between school life and the critical elements of Ben’s development are not only reinforced, but are consistently practised throughout the school week, making all elements even more impactful. We heard about IIS through a combination of Expat Living and referral from parents with children who attended the school. We would highly recommend IIS for its inclusive nature, its focus on individuality and its diversity; Ben has thrived in the environment and loves going to school. We think the blend of diversity, education, integrated extra help and inclusiveness that’s been created at the school by Dr Vanessa von Auer is both a testament to her skills and an enormous benefit for all kids. It’s a magnificent environment.

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