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International COMMUN I TY SCHOOL

Betsy and Joe Biedlingmaier, American Ellis (7) and Hank (4)

Both kids attend ICS, and we’ve had a great experience there since moving to Singapore two years ago. Two of the three teachers we’ve had are ICS graduates themselves, which speaks well for the school. We’re most familiar with the elementary teachers and administrators, and have had enough social interaction with faculty across all grades to know ICS has hired some great folks! There are loads of positive things to mention about the school, but what has meant the most to my family is being part of the community. We’ve made some great friends and the staff work hard to foster personal relationships with all the kids, even ones that aren’t in their classes. We’ve loved the emphasis on moral character and healthy relationships just as much as that on learning in fun and engaging ways. Extracurricular activities are relaxed and based on skills and sportsmanship rather than competition; they’re also very reasonably priced! We weren’t initially aware that Singapore had a Christian school, but that was definitely something we were interested in. After just about getting lost on a tour of a much larger school, a friend suggested I see ICS. Being expats who move quite a bit, and this being our first experience with kids in school, I wanted a small and nurturing environment to ease them into. We have not been disappointed; it was the right choice for both our kids. I would recommend ICS wholeheartedly, especially if you’re interested in a smaller, more nurturing environment where each student is known as an individual. The spiritual component to ICS was a big factor for us, but we’ve seen kids who do not come from faith backgrounds thrive in the ICS community as well. We couldn’t be happier with our experience!

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