Mini Guide: 29 Preschools & Kindergartens


Carl and Sarah Hillery, British and Canadian Holly (5), Toby and Hayden (3)

Maple Bear being taught ‘Our Singapore’ for SG50. I’d never heard it before, and it kind of cemented that not only Maple Bear but Singapore as a whole is the right place for us to be right now.

We moved to Singapore in May 2015 after two years in Sydney, but the kids were all born in London. Carl is London born and raised, and I have dual citizenship between Canada and the UK. All three kids attend Maple Bear full-time at The Grandstand; they’ve been there since the day after we landed. Maple Bear was my first and only choice. All the children are learning Mandarin, and Holly is beginning to read it. In the long run, it might actually prove to be an unwise decision for our children to speak a language that we don’t – it spells trouble, as they’re all rather mischievous kids! They are very active at Maple Bear, where the facilities allow them to play outside yet under shelter every day, regardless of weather. So far we have enjoyed a wonderful sports day and a bilingual Christmas concert. My favourite moment was Holly

Maple Bear is a Canadian school, which piqued my interest initially. I visited it and another bunch of schools a fewmonths before we moved and was struck by the right balance of play and structure. Maple Bear had the right mix, not to mention the lovely, clean and bright space. The classrooms surround a communal kitchen and everything looks very happy and playful. Mrs Koh and the team at Maple Bear run a shipshape preschool; I’d be happy to recommend it as a place for anyone looking for child-centred learning and play to take a look at. Outlets island-wide


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