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Odyssey The Global Preschool

Both girls attend Odyssey, Anoushka for the past two years and Bella for the past two months. We have had a very good experience and our children love going to school. They get up every day and ask to go to school, and we take that as a sign that they are very happy there. The school day has structure, but the children have plenty of time to play, and many of the lessons are based around play and fun activities. The focus is on the children developing a love of learning, and although we have no personal experience of other schools, Anoushka has developed confidence, close friendships and fundamental learning skills during her time at Odyssey. She regularly comes home with a new song – Chinese or English, as well as plenty of dance routines to show us. There is an emphasis on building confidence from a young age, and this has definitely helped our girls. In the short time that Bella has been at Odyssey, we have received regular updates from the teachers about her progress, especially over the settling- in period. There are a few advantages to Odyssey that make it a good fit for us. The first and main one is its bilingual curriculum. The curriculum is pretty evenly divided between English and Chinese, and we have been pleased and impressed with her progress. Exposure to Mandarin is one of the reasons we wanted to live in Singapore, so this was very important for us. When we first saw Odyssey, we immediately loved the large campus; it has a great area for the kids to run around in, and we liked the idea of them not being confined to an air-conditioned classroom. The students we met looked happy and settled, and we liked the mix of children from different backgrounds. As both of us work, it’s also very useful for us that Odyssey runs on childcare hours rather than on school terms. There are no long holidays, just a few days off through the year, detailed at the beginning of the year. I would highly recommend Odyssey. School selection is a personal choice, and we have been happy with our choice knowing the girls enjoy school and are learning and playing every day. 20 Fourth Avenue | 191 Jalan Loyang Besar | 101 Wilkinson Road 6781 8800 |

Claire and Krit Bhatia, British Anoushka (4) and Bella (2)


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