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One World International School Beatrice and Robert Stirrup, British Maël (11), Camille (9), twins Noé and Oscar (4)

All our children currently attend OWIS; Oscar and Noé started in August. They all have great teachers who really get to know and appreciate each child on a personal level. In particular, they noticed that Noé’s way of learning was different to the other children and adapted their teaching for him without compromising the learning of the rest of the class. The result is that Noé is now making fantastic progress. As well as reminders, news and events, the school website allows parents to see weekly updates about their children and what homework is to be completed. The school community is at the heart of the school and parents are very much involved. There are lots of social, cultural and charitable events organised throughout the year.

Although the facilities are limited at the moment (the school is looking to move to a new East Coast campus for the 2018/19 academic year), OWIS offers swimming lessons in two terms out of four, and a chance to compete against other international schools in sports including cross- country. Besides the traditional extracurricular activities run by third parties, the teachers run several free weekly clubs, which are accessible to all. Initially, Maël and Camille attended a different international school. We decided to make a change, and we visited a few schools, but it was OWIS that stood out by far. We were pleasantly surprised to see the headmaster personally greeting the children as they made their way to the playground in the morning.

I would definitely recommend OWIS. The school is committed to its students and offers a high quality of education, and the teachers are dedicated and will go the extra mile to make sure that every child succeeds. It may be small compared to other international schools, but that is also what makes it so special, as your child will not go unnoticed. Our children are happy and look forward to going to school every day; they return busily telling us what they have learnt that day and excited about what they are going to do the next day. This is truly a great school, and we are so happy that our children are part of it.

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