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Samuel and Natalie Bentley, British Lana (4) and Lily (2)

Preparatory School Quayside Isle

she would settle. However, we’ve not had a single tear from day one. She’s made great friends, loves her teachers, is growing in confidence and surprises us every day with detailed run-downs of her activities and the knowledge she has gained. We don’t hesitate to recommend the school; it has the perfect blend of academic structure and progress, with a focus on how you learn, how you treat and respect the people and environment around you, and having fun. Both our children are thriving there and they can’t wait to get to school every day. We believe it represents good value, particularly given the teacher-child ratio and the fantastic learning environment.

There’s no denying that the quality and selection of international schools on offer in Singapore is impressive, and yet choosing the right school for our daughters was surprisingly more challenging than we had expected. We were looking for a school that would guarantee a solid grounding but were also mindful that they are still very little. So what was essential for us was how they would learn and, most of all, how much fun they would have in the process. Quayside’s focus on learning through exploration and discovery and the excellent teacher-to-pupil ratio that allows this approach and focus were key factors in our decision. To date we have been extremely happy with our choice. The passion of all the staff for both their teaching and their pupils is hard to miss. The fact that you

rarely step over the threshold of the school and see a face that you don’t recognise results in a warm, vibrant, family atmosphere where both kids and parents alike know not only the names of everyone in the class but most kids in the school. Just a few weeks into her time at Quayside, Lana, our eldest, was telling her granny about the insect module they were studying in school and a recent trip to the Butterfly and Insect Kingdom. “So have you learnt about spiders yet?” asked Granny, to which Lana replied: “Granny! A spider is not an insect! It is an arthropod!” Lily has just finished her first term at Quayside, and because she joined as one of the youngest pupils in the school shortly after her second birthday – and because she’s a relatively quiet and introspective little girl – we were concerned about how

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