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Josie started at AIS in March 2015 just after she turned two, and we plan to send Callanwhenhe turns two next year. Josiewas really happy in full time nursery in Norway (where we previously lived), so I wanted to find something similar for her here. She has loved AIS since the moment she started and skips or runs down the hallway to class each morning. The only trouble is that it’s hard to get her to leave at the end of the day! She has really thrived since she started, and the staff have helped to foster her curiosity, independence and enthusiasm for life. She’s had fantastic teachers and in fact everyone who is involved with the nursery year was fantastic. I started researching preschools before arriving in Singapore and was quite keen on a Montessori school. We looked at a few, but I found most of them to be overly academic and not necessarily true to the Montessori philosophy. I’m trying to be conscious of what is developmentally appropriate for my children and feel that pushing academics at too young an age provides little benefit to a child and may actually be detrimental. I came across AIS in the course of my research and as we plan to eventually settle in Australia I thought it was worth visiting. I was completely blown away by the programmes and facilities when I visited and it quickly became the only option. As well as being a fantastic preschool for children, AIS provides a huge social network (not just Aussies!) for those who have newly arrived in Singapore. It has really been a win- win for my husband, me and Josie.

Louise and Charles Honner, Australian Josephine (3) and Callan (9 months)

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