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Tessa and Barty Fairclough, British Matilda (4) and Molly (3)

We enrolled Matilda in Raintrees a month after we arrived in Singapore. She was three at the time and it was immediately obvious that she loved it and was thriving, so Molly joined as soon as she turned two – literally on her birthday! There are so many things that we like about Raintrees, but we must make particular reference to Matilda’s Busy Bees experience. The Busy Bees are the oldest children in the school, and at that level there is a noticeable move towards more structured learning. From day one, Matilda has loved it; she has thrived on learning her letters and being in that environment, which is fantastic to see in your children. However, what we see most is the care that Matilda’s teacher takes and her pride in them all – it really shines through. We feel very lucky that Matilda is in her class. The principal and the director of the school are always present in the morning at the school gate, and open to any comments or queries.

We scoured magazines when we arrived and visited a handful of schools. What struck us most about Raintrees was that all the children were having fun, were very smiley and happy, and waved to us as we walked around the school. We were immediately taken by it; other schools that we saw didn’t have the fun and warm atmosphere that hits you at Raintrees. I recommend Raintrees without question. Every day that our girls are at school, they come home having learnt something new. They’re still very young and the play-based curriculum at Raintrees obviously works. Whether it’s a song, a new Jolly Phonics letter, a sentence in Mandarin, or even just an improvement in their vocab, they are constantly changing and growing. They have loved all of their teachers, and Molly on a couple of occasions has resolutely refused to leave the classroom to come home! 60 Kheam Hock Road 6474 6181 |


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