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St Joseph’s Institution International Victoria and Thomas Lodder, British India (8), Cosima (6) and Paloma (4)

India is in Grade 3 and has been at St Joseph’s Institution International for four-and-a-half years, Cosima is about to start Grade 1 after two full years in the preschool, while Paloma started in January. I’m loving being a member of the school community and have always felt very happy leaving my children to be guided by the teachers each day. We have been lucky to have kind, talented and experienced teachers, and as a result my children have thrived and are enthusiastic about learning. Parents are very quickly drawn into the school community and encouraged to contribute and participate in school activities and learning, which I like. Atmosphere is very important to me, and I think it’s a lovely feature of the school that each of the prep classrooms runs onto the playground and a covered deck at the back of each classroom allows the children to play outside regardless of weather. The playgrounds are adventurous for them too, with plenty of fun outdoor toys. I love the experience-based learning and find my children have responded very well to this. I also like the International Primary Curriculum and its global approach. The way each unit of work runs through all their subjects certainly makes it easier to support from home. I heard about St Joseph’s Institution International through family friends whose children were enrolled there. It just felt right when I walked around the school, and I enjoyed the warm and nurturing feel. I would highly recommend the preschool. It provides a wide range of learning experiences that give every child a chance to engage and thrive. The Virtues Project that each teacher is trained in is a real point of difference for me; it runs throughout the school as an integral part of the way the children are taught, developing in them the skills and qualities they need to be successful at school and, more importantly for me, in life.

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