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Amazons Both girls currently attend Swallows and Amazons and my experience has been extremely positive. Sienna has been there for just over a year and has flourished and is more confident and outgoing than she was a year ago. She looks forward to going to school, and when she comes home she is always in a happy space. Seeing just how happy she is confirms to me that I have made the right choice. In addition to her positive emotional development, she has also developed intellectually from a curriculum that incorporates Mandarin, numeracy skills, reading and writing. Victoria joined two months ago as a two-year-old and is learning phonics and mathematical awareness, doing crafts, singing songs and much more. If I had to attribute my daughter’s happiness to one thing in particular, it would be to the wonderful teaching staff at the school. Their dedication and commitment is ever-present, and I feel a very personal one-on-one connection with all the teachers I’ve met. Miss Linda, the head teacher, is the glue that holds everything together. She’s passionate and sincere and always has the children’s best interests at heart. The headmistress, Jackie Barkham, has the vision; and Linda and her team execute it by creating an environment where the children are encouraged to be creative and express themselves while continuously learning. My first impression was that the school felt the way a preschool should feel: full of vibrancy, bright colours and children having fun. When I met Jackie Barkham, her philosophy of developing a well- rounded child really resonated with me. This school offers caring, committed and dedicated teachers who give personal attention to help children develop belief in who they are and confidence in what they do.

Carmen and Darren Hedley, South African and British Sienna (5) and Victoria (2)

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