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The Garden House PRESCHOOL

The Garden House provides a safe, supportive, creative, caring and engaging environment for young kids. Ana and her team of teachers are extraordinarily engaged with and caring towards all the children and their families. We love the large number of outdoor activities they provide and the nutritious, healthy food cooked in the outdoor kitchen. We’ve been very impressed by the teachers’ personal involvement with all the children, and we feel very lucky we found The Garden House in the ‘jungle’ of preschool offerings in Singapore. We searched for a preschool that didn’t require uniforms, where the kids got to be outside as much as possible, and importantly where kids would learn via play rather than study. At our first visit we felt the very personal involvement of Ana and her team, and we didn’t hesitate to enrol Alexander right away. He has now been there since September 2014, and Benjamin started in February. Whenever we talk to other parents about preschools, we always recommend The Garden House and tell them about the fantastic experience we’ve had. It’s a rare gem in Singapore.

Marie and Henrik Tiemroth, Danish Alexander (2) and Benjamin (14 months)

20 Jalan Layang Layang 6469 9556


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