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The Winstedt School

Carol and David Leal, American and Australian Addison (7)

When we arrived in Singapore we enrolled Addison at a large international school, and were very excited about her future education. However, we soon began to notice her need for more one-on-one attention, which her teacher couldn’t provide due to the mass of students in her classroom. We then searched for a school that could give Addison a higher level of attention, and found Winstedt online. They have a low student-faculty ratio (6:1) compared to other international schools. But what really impressed us was the fact that, after Addison spent a few days at Winstedt on a trial basis, the teachers there seemed to have more insight into her and her needs than the larger international school could express to us in the six months she was with them. Addison has now been attending Winstedt since January 2015, and we would highly recommend this school to families who are looking for a school that can recognise and support your child’s needs.

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