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UWC Pavlos is currently in Grade 4 and Tatiana is in Grade 1, both at the East Campus. We had the wonderful experience of being one of the families who joined the new campus in its first year of operation in Tampines, as Pavlos went into K1. Tatiana also joined at K1 two years ago. We have experienced the wonderful energy and incredible enthusiasm of the team of teachers, assistant teachers and staff, evident not only inside the classroom but also in the extensive number of sports, activities and service opportunities offered. Pavlos loves his private guitar lessons at school as much as he enjoys participating in the weekly Guitar Ensemble with his friends. One of the clubs he particularly enjoyed in the past was mindfulness! As for Tatiana, she is a real advertisement for the classroom teaching style, and, as she loves to emulate it at home, she gives us a great idea of how the teachers promote critical thinking, imagination, passion in pursuit of interests and effort in a safe and positive environment. As a Greek, I was very touched by a recent article from the Head of College, where, to illustrate the competing pressures upon UWCSEA, he referred to the teachings of Greek philosophers Aristotle and Plato – the former more pragmatic and scientific, the latter more idealistic – concluding that not all things can be measured, but those that can’t be may be the things that have the greatest value. This, for me, sums up the spirit of UWC. South East Asia

We were attracted to UWCSEA’s balanced approach to both academics and the children’s holistic development. I wholeheartedly recommend UWCSEA to other families. East Campus, 1 Tampines Street 73 6305 5344 | Dover Campus, 1207 Dover Road 6775 5344 |

Maria and Mark Duffy, Greek and Irish Pavlos (10) and Tatiana (6)


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