Mini Guide: 29 Preschools & Kindergartens


Ben and Sarah McGeachie, Australian Eva (4) and Henry (2)


Singapore to exclusively offer the Australian curriculum – this is very important, as we want our children to feel connected to our home country. Avondale offers junior, primary and middle schools, so, should we be in Singapore long-term, our children can remain at the school. I have recommended the preschool to many friends and also acquaintances who are new to Singapore. Avondale offers a friendly and welcoming environment – everyone knows everyone. This is really comforting when you are new; it’s an instant community and support network and it’s lovely to walk in each day and be greeted by so many warm and familiar faces. GRAMMAR SCHOOL

We have been living in Singapore sincemid-2009. Eva has been enrolled in the preschool programme for a year and a half, and Henry will join her at Avondale later this year. We couldn’t have asked for a better start to Eva’s schooling years. Her classroom is beautifully set up each morning to welcome the students with different activities and sensory learning stations – I’m constantly amazed by the creativity of the teachers and the new ideas they come up with. Eva has daily Mandarin classes and weekly music lessons, library sessions and sporting classes. She goes off to school happily and comes home having had a very fulfilling and fun day with her teachers and friends. What is most important to us is that Eva at this age develops a love of learning and enjoys preschool,

but we are also very comforted by the strength of the curriculum and high academic standard at Avondale. One aspect I have really appreciated is the opportunity for daily interaction with Eva’s teachers. There is a 30-minute drop-off window for the preschool, which means you can stay with your child until they settle, or discuss anything you need to with the teacher. It’s a great way to feel involved in their school life. We first heard of the preschool programme from friends whose children were enrolled, and their impression of Avondale stuck with us for many years. We love that it is a relatively small, community-like school – very similar to the kind of school we would want our children to be at if we were back home in Australia. It’s the only school in

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