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Brighton Montessori

Jason and Andrea Masi, American Francesca (8) and Charles (5)

Charles started at Brighton Montessori at Sunset Way in 2012. He loves going to school every morning, to see his friends and teachers and to learn. We have developed important dialogues with the faculty of Brighton Montessori and can collaborate effectively to Charles’ benefit. We are very pleased with his progress in reading, writing, mathematics and social development. Brighton Montessori was recommended to us, and from our first meeting with the staff we felt a connection to the school. Charles’s mother Andrea attended and taught at Montessori, and felt it was the right environment to develop his cognitive, social and academic capabilities. We wholeheartedly recommend Brighton Montessori to parents who have children in this important development period. Charles is developing into an independent, curious, cooperative and confident child, due in part to his time at Brighton Montessori. The diverse curriculum offered is creative, innovative and tactile. These positive attributes are mixed with a nurturing environment that makes for a well-rounded and happy child. He has developed a strong relationship with his teacher of two years, which makes learning special. His Chinese language skills, both written and verbal, have progressed significantly during his time at Brighton Montessori. We could not be more pleased.

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