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Issy has been attending Camberley for one year. The teachers are informative and show great care and pride in their jobs, and Issy loves being around her class teacher. Art is Issy’s favourite subject and the art equipment is great. She loves cooking at school, just like her daddy. Mandarin has been a great subject for her, and she has taken it upon herself to teach it to us. The camping sleepover was something that we were not used to, but Issy loved it, and we found it a nice way for the children to learn and have fun. We also like that the school encourages parents to get involved in special occasions and school trips, and uses family experiences to teach some of the lessons. Also, the holistic learning approach has been a surprise to us – we had not seen it in Canada or Thailand. The children are allowed tomake mistakes and then helped to learn from their mistakes, in a positive way. When we first moved to the Kovan area, we walked around and found Camberley Preschool. We went to the school to talk to them, and when we met with Issy’s first teacher, we felt very comfortable with her. So we decided to enrol Issy, and we’re very pleased with the outcome so far. We would definitely recommend Camberley to our friends. We like the way they present a weekly report with pictures of the kids and describe everything they’ve done in the past week through email, but most of all it is the personal attention that the teacher shows to the children and to the parents.

Aaron and Pai Foster, Canadian Isabelle (5)

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