Regents Review Summer '17

The Regents Review Summer 2017

WELCOME Headteacher’s Welcome Dear Parent Welcome to the Summer 2017 edition of the ‘ Regents Review ’. What a year it has been for not only Regents Park, but also the nation. Never have we seen Education play such a key role in the political agenda with all of the political parties during the snap election defending their stance. As with most state sector schools we have certainly felt the pinch and even though the secretary of state for education announced extra funding for schools it appears that the funding will be taken from other areas of our budget. I am extremely proud of what we achieve at Regents Park and again being nationally recognised as in the top 10% of all schools proves that we provide value for money and Regents Park has the top rating within the department of education efficiency indicator. With all the academic success of the school and as you can see from the newsletter the wealth of opportunities, we have become a very popular choice for parents. In light of this Southampton City Council are facilitating investment in Regents Park which will result in the school’s ability to increase its PAN from 150 to 180. The investment is intended to help the school with updating of the buildings and amenities.

This is an image that you will see in and around school and it sums up the vision for Regents Park. In a turbulent year within this country and abroad it was with P ride that our students continue to show R espect in the way they respond to human disaster. The events such as Rock Challenge, X Factor, The art/photography exhibition, C ommunity Fete and innovative teaching weeks demonstrate our commitment to C reativity. My vision for the school next year is to continue to Challenge all students to achieve better than they thought was possible. Finally, I wish all parents, community members, staff and students a very restful, relaxing and safe

summer break. Jonty Archibald Headteacher @regentsparkhead


Chair of Governors

parents of the required school uniform and parents had the opportunity to meet with key staff who will be involved when their child goes into Year 7. Governors are always pleased to be invited to attend events during the year, for example, Rock Challenge. This year, Regents Park students took their inspiration from ‘1984’ by George Orwell and ‘Big Brother’ was key to their performance. Regents Park won their heat in Southampton and went on to compete in the regional finals held in Portsmouth, winning several awards on the night. Congratulations to all those involved. As I write this, governors are looking forward to attending the ‘X Factor’ singing talent event and the first ever Regents Park fete. A fete on this scale has taken a lot of organising and I hope the weather holds! Finally, I would like to wish you a happy summer holiday and hope the weather hold once school is finished for the summer. Beverley Higlett

governors - Jon Greenacre and Marcus Warder; five co-opted governors – Ian Fielder, Dave Davenport, Hayley Ryan, Claire McGougan and Stephen Godwin (who joined us in September 2016); one staff governor - Una Rogers and myself as the Local Authority governor and Chair of Governors. The associate governors have remained and they are Sam Barnes, Senior Deputy Headteacher, Jim Henderson, Deputy Headteacher and Carlene Amos, Business Manager. We have held two full governing body meetings a term and you can see the minutes for these on the school’s website under the ‘Governors’ section. It was lovely to see such a good turnout for the Year 6 transition parents’ evening this year. Students who will be starting at Regents Park Community College in September attended the school during the day and returned to the school with their parents in the evening. Refreshments were served, a fashion show informed

As we reach the end of another academic year, it is hard to believe that at a year has gone by! Since I last wrote about who the governors are on the governing body, we have had some changes in the membership. Alice Wrighton and Lisa Wilson had been on the board but left during the year. We would all like to thank them for their commitment to Regents Park whilst they were on the board. The current governing body is made up of twelve governors and they are: Jonty Archibald, Head Teacher; two Co-Operative Learning Trust governors - Andy Withers and Donna-Marie Janson; two parent


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