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Stine Scholarships Awarded T he Pennsylvania State University and the Schuylkill Chamber of Commerce recent- ly announced the 2017-2018 winners of the Jim and Peg Stine Scholarships. The scholar- ships were endowed through a gift from the late James M. Stine and his wife, Peg. Penn State is pleased to award the 2017-2018 Jim and Peg Stine Scholarships to two first-year

The Schuylkill Chamber Selection Commit- tee forwarded formal applications to each of the finalists in each category, seeking information on academic performance, community partic-

freshmen: Jason Blum, Schuylkill Campus Scholar- ship and Connor Kerstetter, Uni- versity Park Cam- pus Scholarship. The purpose of this scholarship is to provide recog- nition and finan- cial assistance to outstanding stu- dents enrolled in the Pennsylvania State University at the University Park Campus or the Schuylkill

ipation and student leadership achieve- ment. The committee scheduled interviews with each of the finalists. Final award decisions were deter- mined by the com- mittee and included an award recipient and award alternate for each category. The Selection Committee is com- prised of five in- dividual members, three of whom are appointed annually by the President of

Paul Datte, Esquire, Stine Scholarship Committee Chair; Connor Kerstetter, University Park Campus Scholarship; Jason Blum, Schuylkill Campus Scholarship; and Robert S. Carl, Jr., Schuylkill Chamber President and CEO.

Campus (and continue their studies as juniors and seniors at a four-year Penn State Cam- pus) who have a proven need for funds to meet their necessary college expenses. The University provides a list of the most eligible students who have applied for ad- mission to the University Park Campus, and a list of the most eligible students who have applied for admission to the Schuylkill Cam- pus to the Schuylkill Chamber of Commerce “Jim and Peg Stine Scholarship Selection Committee.” The most eligible students in each of the campus award considerations were selected by University representatives, based on the criteria.

the Schuylkill Chamber of Commerce and two of who are appointed by the Campus Executive Officer of the Schuylkill Campus of the Penn- sylvania State University. There are two recipients per academic class (freshman, sophomore, junior and senior) for a total of eight recipients. Each scholarship is awarded for one academic year and will be renewed for subsequent years providing the recipient continues to meet the conditions of eligibility and funds are avail- able. The donor intends that this scholarship be awarded to incoming freshmen and stay with the student for four years. ℑ

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