Pavillon Seine VUK

Imagine yourself moored alongside the Seine or gracefully cruising the river… Between the left and right bank, in the heart of Paris, with all its history and life. Succulent dishes, shared moments…And a thousand delicate attentions... You are not in heaven, but on a boat. Remember. 1820. Master pastry chef Jean-François Potel met Royal chef Étienne Chabot. The art of elegant dining created from this meeting has been handed down through the generations, and forms the golden rule aboard this boat. Welcome aboard! Afloat, between left and right bank, three journeys now merge to form one: your own journey, the history of Paris, and that of Potel et Chabot. P avillon Seine "Sous le pont Mirabeau coule la Seine…" wrote Apollinaire, as he watched the Seine from one of the city’s bridges… Indeed, the mystique of the Seine is inextricably linked to its relentless flow under the numerous bridges of Paris. They share a common history. Through the ages, the Seine has flowed through Paris, Paname or Lutetia like a major artery, an ever-present witness to changing History and the personal journeys that have forged today’s city. Take, for example, the journeys of a master pastry chef and a chef from France’s Royal court. The confluence of their lives in 1820 led to the creation of a unique art de vivre… T he Seine: an unforgettable backdrop

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