Pavillon Seine VUK


W elcome aboard an exceptional boat

The Pavillon Seine is a majestic 70-metre ship that forms a highly distin- guished presence. Built in 2014, its design incorporates cutting-edge require- ments in terms of comfort, style and on-board technology. On nearly 7,535 square feet (700 square meters) of useful floor area distributed between the reception room and the upper deck, it can accommodate up to 400 people. Like all the places where Potel et Chabot develop the art of high-class recep- tion, the Pavillon Seine lends its flexibly to all your scenarios moored at the dock, or for the time of a cruise, boarding near the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame or any other of its 13 stops…

P otel et Chabot on the Seine: a unique angle for all your events

Potel et Chabot’s reputation is built on the quality of its reception, service and decoration, its high gastronomic standards and the dramatic style in which its cuisine is presented. Now, you can enjoy this exceptional expe- rience on board the Pavillon Seine, enhancing your event yet further with the unique beauty of a truly enchanting setting. The Pavillon Seine can cater to weddings, family events, Beth Din kosher receptions and more, moored at the quay or as a dinner cruise… Companies are invited aboard to host business dinners, meetings, fashion shows and product launches… The Pavillon Seine constitutes a prestigious setting for all, combined with Potel et Chabot’s exceptional expertise in hosting events of all kinds.

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