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We are so fortunate to have such an amazing following of growers! Thank you for your continued support, ideas, & collaboration. We value and appreciate your trust in us to produce plants that help you achieve your goals. We only succeed when you do. All the best,

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TISSUE CULTURE LAB Our tissue culture laboratories have the ability to produce millions of contaminant- free elite plants for all types of markets. The key benefits of tissue culture are consistent quality, juvenile vigor, superior branching, true to type plants, and rapid build up which allow us to respond to needs quickly. CONTRACT GROWING We want to produce for you! We do proprietary tissue culture propagation. Please contact us to discuss different growing opportunities. OUR PRODUCTS All plants in our catalog are grown in a 72 cell pack tray. We use stabilized media from the highest quality substrates. Stabilized media holds the liner together during handling and transplanting, and makes the whole process faster for our customers! STATE OF THE ART GREENHOUSES Our liners are grown in sophisticated, environmentally controlled greenhouses with crop specific designs to ensure high quality. We use ebb and flood irrigation with a harvesting system which allows us to capture and reuse our water and fertilizer.

CUSTOMER SERVICE We have a great team that gives personalized attention to each order to guarantee exceptional service. Our goal is 100% Customer Satisfaction. AGRISTARTS.COM

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