Fall 2022 Parks and Recreation Activities Brochure

Registration deadlines are one week prior to the program start date unless otherwise listed.

Trips and Tours

Join the fun and socializing that is part of going on a trip or tour with us. All trips include transportation and admission. Transportation departs from the Community Center, 1255 Fuller St. S. Trip pace definitions: Light: Includes walks of one city block Moderate: Includes walk of three or more city blocks Light to Moderate: Includes walks of two to three city blocks Extensive: Includes a substantial amount of walking

Are you ready to explore the world again? I know we are! Join us to learn more about the exciting world of escorted travel and learn about several exciting travel opportunities. For a complete list of all travel opportunities visit www.GoWithLandmark.com Can’t make the show? Call for a free catalog 612-230-2040. Community Center, 1255 Fuller St. S. Day Date Time Code Thu. Oct. 6 10 a.m. 1006 You must include your birthdate and/ or player’s club card number on your registration. If you don’t have a card, one will be waiting for you upon arrival. Each attendee will receive $15 in slot play and a $3 food coupon to use in the dining facilities. Guests 50 and older have a chance to win up to $5,000 FREE slot play. Receive 10% off your bill at any casino restaurant, $5 off at Island Bingo and $5 FREE pull tabs with a $10 pull tab purchase. Plus, enjoy a bonus multiplier of up to +5 your regular slot point multiplier. Passport club card and valid ID needed. Trip Pace: Light Depart fromCommunity Center, 1255 Fuller St. S. Day Date Time Cost Code Wed. Sep. 28 9:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m. $47 ST 928 Registration deadline: Wed., Sep. 14 TREASURE ISLAND CASINO Enjoy a day at the Island. It’s “50 Plus Day.”

SOUNDS OF THE SEVENTIESWITH SIDEKICK In the 1970s an exciting new genre of rock music emerged in southern California. This country-tinged soft-rock sound was known for evocative lyrics, catchy guitar licks, and luxuriant harmonies. “Sounds of the ‘70s” evokes memories of those carefree, open- road years through the music of Fleetwood Mac, the Eagles, Neil Young, and more. The show takes place at The Ives Center at the Minnesota Masonic Heritage Center in

Bloomington. Includes lunch. Trip Pace: Light Depart from Community Center, 1255 Fuller St. S. Day Date Time



ST 913


Sep. 13

10:45 a.m.–3:30 p.m.


Registration deadline: Tue., Sep. 6

LAKE CITY FALL COLORS AND LUNCH Join us for a day of fun along Lake Pepin and the Mississippi River. First we will stop along the shores of Lake Pepin at Stahlie Park Rest Area. Then, we will travel to Pepin Heights Apple Orchard in Lake City. Pepin Heights is Minnesota’s largest apple grower and the largest grower and distributor of Honeycrisp apples in the nation. Offers over a dozen different varieties. Next, we will arrive at the Chickadee Cottage Café, lunch is included, followed by a stop at the Nelson Cheese Shop at the Nelson Cheese Factory. Purchase cheese and indulge in an ice cream cone. The founders of the Nelson Cheese Factory made cheese for over 100 years. While they no longer make cheese, the offerings have been expanded to include cheese fromWisconsin and around the world as well as fine wines and a gourmet selection of food. Last, we will travel along the scenic Great Mississippi River Road through the small riverside villages in Wisconsin. There are scenic overlooks to stop at, if weather conditions permit. Trip Pace: Moderate Depart from Community Center, 1255 Fuller St. S. Day Date Time Cost Code Wed. Oct. 5 7:15 a.m.–4:45 p.m. $75 ST 1005 Registration deadline: Fri., Sep. 9 OZARK COUNTRY JUBILEE AND LUNCH Features an all-star cast of Branson’s top entertainers at the Treasure Island Event Center in Welch. Lunch will be served in the ballroom. This dynamic show salutes the music of the great Legends of Country Music. The entire second half of the show is a total variety of Christmas music—from traditional standards to more contemporary selections. World-class fiddler Doofus Doolittle presents his unique brand of humor and some of the best fiddle and violin music. He will salute comedians of yesteryears such as Archie Campbell, String Bean, and Minnie Pearl. Enjoy this holiday musical event with the sounds of laughter, Bluegrass, Gospel, Country, and traditional Christmas music. Trip Pace: Light Depart from Community Center, 1255 Fuller St. S. Day Date Time Cost Code Wed. Nov. 16 9:45 a.m.–5:45 p.m. $90 ST 1116 Registration deadline: Fri., Oct. 7


18 Shakopee Parks & Recreation Department Activities Brochure | Fall 2022

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