EX600 (E02-24E)

Fieldbus System (For Input/Output) Compatible Protocols

New RoHS


Reduction in wiring time with SPEEDCON (Phoenix Contact). Just insert and make 1/2 rotation!

• Can be used for linear type or DLR type topology. • Supports QuickConnect TM function. • Status checks and settings can be performed on a web browser. New Unit type added Dual port SI Unit (EtherNet/IP TM ) product

IP67 Note) Some products are IP40.

Handheld Terminal

Self Diagnosis Function It is possible to ascertain the maintenance period and identify the parts that require maintenance, by an input/output open circuit detection function and an input/output signal ON/OFF counter function. Also, the monitoring of input and output signals and the setting of parameters can be performed with a

Handheld Terminal.

Max. 9 Units Note) Can be connected in any order. The Input Unit to connect input device such as an auto switch, pressure switch and flow switch, and the Output Unit to connect output device such as a solenoid valve, relay and indicator light can be connected in any order. Note) Except SI Unit

Manifold Solenoid Valves

Series SY3000/5000/7000

Series SV1000/2000/3000

Series S0700

Series VQC1000/2000/4000





Note) The SY3000/5000/7000, S0700, and VQC1000/2000/4000 are not UL-compatible.

Series EX600


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