BOA - 2016 - Minutes

Minutes – Hardwick Township Zoning Board of Adjustment December 20, 2016 Rick Anderson stated his concern with the location of the pool and the detriment to his property value. After discussing the matter the Board agreed to do a site visit.

With there being no further public comment, the hearing was closed to the public.

The following was submitted by Board Engineer Rodman and marked as an Exhibit: T-2 Photographs

This matter was carried to the Board's January 17, 2017 meeting, without further notice.

#ZB 16-004 Todd Miller, Block 502, Lot 10.01 Chairman Hughes recused himself and sat in the audience. Vice Chairwoman Butler chaired this portion of the meeting. Dawn Miller was sworn in and she described their request to place a pool in the rear yard and the variance being requested. The Board reviewed the drawings that were submitted and whether there was another location to place the pool within the setbacks. William Hughes, who is an adjacent property owner, described the subject property and what would be seen from possible alternate locations and the proposed location. The Board asked if Mr. Hughes could provide his own site plan or marked up drawing to assist the Board. After a discussion Board Attorney Aaroe stated that photographs should be submitted showing the vegetation, a google earth aerial photograph, and a marked up drawing depicting the locaiton of the vegetation. In a motion made and seconded the hearing was opened to the public.

With there being no futher public comment, the hearing was closed to the public.

Mr. Ohl made the motion to carry the hearing to the Board's January 17, 2017 meeting with notice provided to the Ulitites. Motion seconded by Mr. Rossin. Voice vote, all were in favor.

Chairman Hughes resumed his position on the Board.

Open to the Public: The hearing was opened to the public. With there being no public, the meeting was closed to the public.

Bills : The following vouchers were submitted:

Lyn Aaroe-General $ 300.00 Rodman-Stag $ 317.50


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