TheChatter - Summer 2015

Focus On Collaboration Working together towards world class performance By Jim Parker [CEO]

We’ve talked a great deal lately about collaboration and why it’s such a critical element in our drive to achieve world class in all we do. At a high level, it’s all about understanding how our actions impact others within Carter and, ultimately, the customer. We each have the responsibility to do what we say we’re going to do, when we say we’re going

to do it and, finally, do it right the first time. Only when everyone commits to this discipline will Carter achieve the total system efficiency and effectiveness that will position us to exceed every customer’s expectations, further distancing us from the competition. Our challenge is the numerous areas of interdependency within Carter. Every individual failure to get our job done as planned is not just a single, isolated issue, but a disruption of the work flow of every person involved downstream of that failure. What we are discovering from the many group sessions we've organized to discuss collaboration is that, in many cases, we don't communicate very effectively group-to-group. The good news is, this is completely within our power to fix. We are asking every employee to help us identify where our shortfalls are and to join us in being a part of the ultimate solution. Your engagement in this process is the very essence of what it means to be collaborative. It’s also at the core of being On Brand. All Day. Every Day. Thank you and let’s get to work.

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THE BRAND BUILDERS pgs. 8-13 A Legacy Of Service Recognizing Commitment BUILDING A LEGACY pgs. 14-19 1st and 2nd Quarter Service Awards Rewarding Referrals Idea Builder

Chatter Updates Meet I Rental Honoring Achievement

BUILT FOR THE HIGHROAD pg. 3 Mission Made Possible – Carter Provides Support To Local Church Mission Group Carter Goes SWAT TOP NOTCH TEAM pg. 4 Across Departments And Across Oceans – Working Together To Move Machines FIELD REPORT pgs. 5 - 6 Coming Soon! New Blue Bird Facility Opening In Manassas

SLEEVES UP pg. 6 Leading The Way In Technology

BENEFIT SPOTLIGHT pg. 7 How Carter Machinery’s Retirement Plan Works For You

The Start Of A Legacy Building For The Future

GLOVES ON FOR SAFETY pg. 7 2015 Update


Williamsburg PSR Josh Martin raises the bar on customer service by working collaboratively everyday.

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