Truly Tan Baffled

‘Gosh those things are ugly, Tan,’ says Amber. ‘Absolutely ghastly.’ Amber is looking at my blue fingerless gloves that I love. They’re a bit shabby, I guess. They have little woolly balls all over them. And they are kind of grubby. But I’m a busy person. And when it’s as cold as this I don’t like to be separated from my fingerless gloves. Not even for a nanosecond . So I never put them in the wash. Or in the washing basket. Or anywhere near the laundry. In fact, my fingerless gloves have never been washed in their whole life. ‘Have those gloves been washed?’ says Mum. ‘Of course,’ I say and I shove my hands in my pockets. Mum sighs happily. ‘It’s so beautiful here,’ she says, looking out over the yard. ‘I really do think winter is my favourite time of the year.’ We are standing on the front veranda at Valleyview. Valleyview is the name of our big old farmhouse that is in the middle of nowhere. It has views out over a valley. But we


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