Harvard TEMP C&B Pro - EN

Temporary crown and bridge material, ratio 4:1 Harvard TEMP C&B Pro

T h e c o s t - s a v i n g a l t e r n a t i v e .

This material combines all the advantages of a temporary C&B material at a reasonable price.

Properties and advantages Reliable and easy to use Good fracture resistance and hardness Low polymerization temperature Natural esthetics and fluorescence Color stability

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Harvard TEMP C&B Pro 50ml automix cartridge ratio 4:1, 10 mixing tips Shade A1

7081641 7081642 7081643 7094000 7095000

Shade A2 Shade A3

Harvard Auto 4:1 / 10:1 S-Blue refill bag with 50 mixing tips

Harvard Dispenser Automix 4:1/10:1

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