July 2019 Chronicles

From the Manager ’ s Desk

Hello all and welcome to July’s edition of the Crystal Waters Chronicles.

As you read this I should still be on my holidays sunning myself somewhere in England. It’s more likely that I will be sheltering from the rain, but I like to remain positive before I leave. Maybe I will just be back to work looking a little bleared eyed, suffering from jetlag. Either way I’m writing this in advanced prior to leaving. As some of you will be aware we are still not occupying our new office due to a little issue of the ramps being at the wrong angle. Hopefully by the time I’m back at work this would have all been cured and the Council will have granted us an occupation certificate. This will mean we will start moving in and getting ready to demolish the old buildings. Another thing you may have noticed is the swimming pool is looking very low on water. This is due to a leak which I am hoping will be identified by the ground staff whilst I’m away. Once we have identified which pipe is leaking it will require us to dig up the paving area, find the leak and replace the defective pipe. Obviously we will be working hard to ensure all work is complete in time for the new season. New to the Village last month was Ann who moved into Site 17. Please make her feel welcome if you see her around the Village. The other mover this month is Judy who already lives in the Village and has moved into a new home on Site 172. I think it is great that our residents like living here so much that when it comes to downsizing they are still choosing to stay in the Village. Talking about making people feel welcome. It was nice to see the return of the Social Clubs meet and greet for residents. This was held on the 12 th of June and was a well-attended event. It also gave us the opportunity to present a few gift vouchers to residents who had recommended the Village to people who have then moved in. See photos later in this edition to see who they were and how you maybe able to do the same. Off course I could not let this report go by without mentioning the weather. What is going on! We have had one of the hottest June’s on record with some day temperatures getting up into the mid 20’s. To date we have had only two truly winter days the rest could have been classed a summer or early autumn. If this continues it will be another year where you see me in nothing more than shorts and a T-Shirt. I leave you with a quote from Bill Bryson’s book about Australia-‘In a sunburnt Country’ “The people are immensely likable- cheerful, extrovert, quick-witted, and unfailingly obliging. Their cities are safe and clean and nearly always built on water. They have a society that is prosperous, well ordered, and instinctively egalitarian. The food is excellent. The beer is cold. The sun nearly always shines. There is coffee on every corner. Life doesn't get much better than this.” Wishing you all a great time in July. Peter and the Crystal Crew

July 2019 | Volume 12 Issue 7

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