2019 HABA USA Fall Flier


Dear Specialty Toy Retailer,

You know the feeling you get when your customer buys a toy you’ve recommended. It goes beyond satisfaction because you know you’ve given her a toy that has the Play Value she desires and the Quality she deserves. You know you’ve made a difference in her and her family’s lives. HABA USA wants to be your source for those toys & games. For almost forty years we’ve focused on Quality and Play Value over making the quick buck. You’ve known that. You’ve seen that. You’ve sold that. While we have adapted to changing times by outsourcing products where it made sense and finding channels that expand the brand without hurting its reputation, our Core Mission is still the same as yours – to provide Quality toys with exceptional Play Value that you feel good about selling. As you look through this catalog of the new Summer/Fall items, you’ll see the same quality and design you’ve come to expect from HABA USA. Add in all the other programs we offer like Brand Kenekt, Double Exposure Envoy, and Locally.com, and you know HABA USA is committed to your success.

We want you to make those differences in your customers’ lives. We’re here to help.


Lea Culliton, President, HABA USA

Age 4 +

USA-Net cost / ea: $ 17.50

• in the big speed circle, the marbles whiz around in the circle, first slowly, then faster and faster

• brings even more speed to ball track designs • the beech wood originates from domestic forests

303943 Ball Track – Complementary Set Big Speed Circle 1

The marbles land in the big speed circle. Once here they speed around in a circle: first slowly, then faster and faster – and before they get completely dizzy they drop down through the hole into the next level down on the speed snake track. 1 big speed circle, 1 speed snake track, 1 ramp, 6 rectangular blocks, 1 cube, 6 marbles. Packaging: 4c box

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