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CAMINO - FOUNDERS Conveniently located near classrooms. the library, chapel and the theater. these residences offer the freshman girls a chance to meet new friends They were originaUy built as the San Diego College for Women and their unique design offers either views of the San Diego Bay or of the beautiful landscaped courtyards. Lounges are provided for study or recreational use and a kitchen ,s located InCamino Hall for student use. Laundry rooms with Iron– Ing boards are also provided

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Outdoor Adventures has had more trips this year than ever be– fore. The popularity of O A. hos steadily grown since its beQn– nlng two and a half years ago From its start in a small office In the old Serra Snack Bar. to its present location in the U.C.• O.A. has been met with enthusiasm by students. faculty and staff alike. "Going on an Outdoor Adventure trip is a great vacation In the middle of the semester". said one exuberant student after returning from the Black Canyon Canoe outing. The Black Can– yon trip. one of ourmost popular outings. voyages up the deep cut canyon of the Colorado River. As the sun dances on the red cHffs. Bighorn sheep boU'ld over rocks and cactus. The rug– ged environment provides some of nature's most beautiful scenery. After a day of paddling, your efforts are rewarded with long soaks in the natural hot spring pools In addition to the Black Canyon trip, we offer camping. rock climbing. mountain biking andhiking. Someof our more leisurely trips include ballooning. camping In Catalina and deep sea fish– ing. We provide guided outings designed for all skill levels. Outdoor Adventures is a non-profit division of Student Affairs. As a result, the trips are reasonably priced and accommodat– ing to the student work schedule. So everyone can go!

Outdoor Adventures

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NEWS In the news this year is rock star Tracey Chapman belts out a song at Wembley Stadium in London. It was the opening of the global rock tour for human rights by Amnesty internatlonal. She was among the Singers who started the six-week tour in September. Another rock star making the news was Bruce Spring– steen and Patti Scialfa. Shown in this picture hamming it up on stage before 150.000 fans during a concert at Weissensee arena in East Berlin. Bruce and Patti became an item during the summer of 88. this also led to the break up of Bruce's marriage. Ziggy Marley also made the news when he played in Israel during a Third World Music festival, he was backed up the by "'The Melody Makers." There was a rowdy new group on the scene caned Guns n· Roses. They hit the scene In 1988 and they won MTV's Best New Arttst Award for a spirited video called "Welc to the Jungle." Making the biggest news WQi the Irish rock group U2, shown on the opposite page wallowing in the applause during the Gram Awards ceremony In March at New York City's R City Music Hall. The group was honored wila album of the year for "The Joshua Tree." The albl.m sold 12 million coptes. The ro p w<;» also awarded a Grammy for 1'-ie best rock p rr I by a duo or group with vocal. On o puncher Mike Tyson, the heavyweight box– in champion of the world. and his wife. actress Robin G vens arrive at the 40th annual television Emmy awards presentation. Big Mike and Robin presented the award for best costume design for a variety or muSic program Just a few months later Mike and Robin were granted a divorce. And then comes the olymplc runner Florence Griffith Joyner, the glamour girl of track. dazzled the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, South Korea with lightening speeds. flashy track outfits and long. painted fingernails. She won three gold medals and one silver medal.


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The Associated Students 1s headed by Sam At– tisha He 1s the official representative of the AS. The President Is ultimately responsible for the wel– fare of this association. The Vice-President 1s Tom Gorman. His responsi– bility 1s to serve as Chair of the Program Board. The vice President ensures that the programmers aredoing their jobs at the highestquality level pos– sible for the USO students. Secretary of Finance is Donielle Gerard. She is en– charage of the Budget Committee, which is a body of students who analyze money requests by vari– ous clubs and organizations. Requests first go through the Inter Club Council, reduce or reject the requests The Committee consists of members from each undergraduate class, and his Is headed by the Sec. of Finance. The Secretary of Student Organizations is Kathy Castro She 1s responsible for chairing the Inter– Club Council (I C.C.), where over 50 campus orga– nizations submit requests for some $5000/semes– ter to promote student involvement in the clubs on campus Chris LaBonte 1s the Sec. of Athletics, coordinates a variety of events throughout the year. With the help of assistants and committee mem– bers the group programs such events as Torrero week as· (including the Homecoming Parade), Football, Basketball and Soccer Tailgates, Fall and Spring Volleyball tournaments, the Spring Bike race, and other events. As an Executive Board member, and Senate member, the sec is responsi– ble for promoting support for all of USD's athletic teams as well as providing athletic events for the students The Secretary of Academics, is Mike Bonte-Fred– hiem. He is responsible for providing a representa– tive voice 1n all academic matters and funding for certain student academic research.

Sam Attisha

Donielle Gerard


Chris LaBonte

Mike Bonte-Frediem

IJrtJt1rame IJtJard

Vl11ht: The A§§lJclated ~tu• dent§ AblJt-e: ,..,"e VlmurC1 IC1lJ"§ cin H-lth TC1m andum

Inter-Club CtJuncll

p, -~ ·d to or , 01 tile most successful The evening l k.ta11 and Hor d oeuvers hour Before dinner Fr. Mui- ' n and from H 00 to 9 00 pm dinner was served It consisted n an m nts Thi> announcement of out homecoming queen r . Jt by Pr · 1aent · m Attish at 9 00 pm Dancing took 30 t 1 00 am The music wa provided by the Cat-illacs and D J kept busy all evening by student when they were not strol– l t ng 1n 111 gor geou see ,ery lforts put out by tne Social Committee and the Sec of Athletics and Ho ec ming 1988 was a memorable evening

Mardi Gras


T. P. Macabe/Sophomore Senator

Renee Bukovichick/Sophomore Senator




Qt son dtorget

beoc' go


hod to pa pore te ests senate ,,_, , OU' not yeor ot OS5 w nteg, good and prosper tontost



va,ous ngsondp Alcoa· en we

and goodw We w n these yeors ONIOd

As the ;.nor Senators tor 88 8Q Bob OCkson ond 81lon W we,e responslble for representng the v nts of tl'le COS$ on vaious r-.JSti hush issues SUCh os Coiege cat:> dtetm grodeS and otllen In the 88 89 yeor they coordnoted seveta ,.,.., • ng events for th& class Who con forget the memorab ;.nor Senor Boot Ctu5e the Pizza a U'lo Happy !bl the Voi,eyt)al IOU'nCl'Tl8t'lt thePam Sp,ngs weekend and the port,es on Dea COU'f We hOPe mot the ;.nor yeor wos o great expe11enc:e ond we ore onhepatng on eve, bet te, Sena yeor After ttYee yecn we ve fir y made rt here ts tme to kiCk bock ond hove a beer Yeo t s corny buf Oh Wei llot>ond 8na'l


t=loat 13uildi,nf!

Float Building


Wendy Carlson/Dir. Community Service

The AS Diector ofCorporate Relations chairs this conmttee. The cormitfee Is responsible fcx es– t<:tllshng contact with companles ald corpora– tialS nterestec1 ri ~ AS prograns. This iS the second yea that this corrrnlttee has been nex1stcr.ce. ri these last twoyeas they havenot ~ QC(Jj'ed sponsors fcx vaious AS events ald PIOIJans estoolshing lastng relationships. but have also strecrnllned cOfTlfTlU"lication between lm's AS ald the Corporate world.


'-=========-~~---~------~=======::::::'.J ~::.._~_.:.....::...._LCornmt.ncationsCornmitt~





The Lark occurs every other Thursday and provides the stu– dents with a study break. The Lark is usually in the Forum and 1s always a rockin time.

Concert IJoard During the 1987-88 school year, the AS brought the international bands Simply Red and the Alarm to play concerts at the Sports Cen– ter. This year, to continue the tradition, the AS created the Concert Board. The goals for this year are to bring a nationally known comedi– an for the fall semester, and in the spring doing a concert at Balboa Park and donating all proceeds to the homeless of San Diego. We, the concert Board, are very excited to be involved with the program and are determined to see the tradition grow. Dennis Rosvall Concert Board Director

Vublic; l?elations The Public Relations Committee had an extremely good year. Jody Morgan, director of Public Relations, would like to thank her committee members for helping her. The AS public Relations Committee had a very productive and successful year, this year. Their main goal was to keep the communication lines between the AS officers and the rest of the student body open. This was. .done by newsletters, formal ev– aluations, and Town Meetings.


Cultural Arts Director Roberta Rhein along with the much appreciated work of Cathy Maule and Linda Bush, broke new ground in programming events for USO. This year they sponsored lunchtime mu– sic from a String Quartet to a dixieland band, the USO Oktoberfest, and get-away trips such as "A Christmas Carol" at the Lyceum. Cultural Arts also contributed the weekly article "Calender '88: Haute Culture" to the Vista.

- " , . .

. ti' ~ I •

niore •••


The Election Committee runs all the student elections for the A S These include elections for Freshman Senators, Homecoming Court, A S Executive Board and Secretaries, and for its first year at USDD. Mardi Gras The committee members are: Al lngallinera, Chair, Jane Jennings, Secretary, Cece Bartek, Margo Cam– pillo, Denise Ettari, Rob Gannon, Chris Harrell. Theresa Spencer, Jenny Jolly, Teri Logan, and Jon Canedo, not pictured: Jane Stehly, Steve Vanni, Marcy, Ayers, Heather Jones, Robin Rau, Kerry Forster, and Lainie Pierce.

Saint Francis Seminary is a house of for– rnation established by the Diocese of San Diego to provide college and pre– theological formation for men aspiring to the diocesan priesthood. Its immediate aim is to help them mature as liberally educated persons committed to Christ, to the Church, and to the service of others.

St. Francis Seminary

:1p f w :Jr :1 Th year oy 'V1 J n1 h __,mputers t-or pr~p Jre j page ayouT and

n re y n house a I0w ng great a he p:1per r na,y looks like and v je m J ImeIy :.tor es The new hanged the traditional late :i ng ssI:ms to late Tuesday night s r, In J j jiflon there s now the J) n :>rn ng panic when some pages ore p t p Jr I ipa In J n the VISTA for credit In– ) y or and helped the staff put out its ISTA cov red issues dealing with Title :>n D clubs he 10% tuition In– In e Jeon Search the first Mardi JSl> and ~ E c tions among others Of , also ame out with its traditional

Michael Oune

Editor-in-chief... ... .

Assisian1 EdilOI'....... ••......• Opinion EdilOI'....... . ......... .Brian Cosdow Inside Alcala Editor ............. .. .• Brenna O'Boyle Celine Vachon Scene Edi1or............................... .. Kendra Ptien Mary Smiplski En1enainmen1 EdilOI'.. ..... • •• . ... Ptier Meyer Tom Grady Off-Beal Edia......................................Kent Sligh Spons Editor...................... . ... • ... • . Olris Orr Photography Editor......... . Siephanie Hogue RobenBumen Advertising Manqe11............. ......... Susan Daudelin Greg Tibbitts .. Jennifer Merriman

VISTA Staff 1988-1989: Kristine Ash10n, Andy Bartlett, Oissie Bavui, Kristin Borella, Eric Brown, Carolyn Burke, Linda Bush, Rosa M. Busiamanie, Jonathan Canedo. Murphy Canter, Amy Capen.CathyCogliandro,BridgetConway,John Danwse, Dawn DeBisschop, Theresa Delia, Karin Dinan, Yvonne Dunham, Thomas F.delblulC, Meg Estey, Laun Evans, S1ephanieGabriel, John Garcia, QuintGoodrich, Michael Hall, Buddy Hammond, John Herrmann, Lucy Kanjer, Donna Lagana, Elizabeth Lampert. Kelly Leahy, Jennifer Liu, Meredith Lohne, Angelo Lombardo, IrishHarringion Maloy, Paula Marcheschi, Gerald Mc:Cloud. Linda McMillan, Mary Mosman, Bridget Murphy, Eileen Murphy, Megan Nydegger, Lisa Obc:rty, Rafael Pinedo, Kaiey Potts, Gene Rathswohl, John Roberts, Salomon Roju, Suicey Stanfield, Laun Thomp,on. Phil Tiberi, JeMifcr Trinkle, Damon Valentino, Diane Wellenkamp Advisors: John Nunes and Kandy Mink

• • •

Tl"MS yea one TGF was held at Tecolote park and one was held on campus On campus TGF's seem to be popula for the sole reason that those students without trauportatlon can attend CIXVellne - a USO band was feat11ed at an on campus TGF Second semester the TGF's changed to the FAC. The Friday Afternoon Club. Free food ond fi.n were stll provided, and everyone en– joyed the change The social Corrmttee added a twist to this years Hal– loween Usualy there are fraternity parties the week of Haloween and then everyone heads for Santa Barbara on the weekend But what about those who stay be– hnd? Wei. tl"MS yea there was an evening for freight and delight organized by the social committee. food serviee and the film forum The evening began with a theme dinner In the cafeteria where prizes were given for best and ~In carving. FoNowlng the dinner there was a dance with music provided by the After Da1< D J The forum was transformed Into a room of gloom with a grave yard. spider webs and other ho..ntlng touches Victims -1 mean guestsl - were treat– ed to a showng of Dr. Jekyl ond Mr. Hyde. Pizza and soda was provided for those monster appetites. The evening was brought to an end by the film forum's "The Hunger " A ~ time was had by all. These are activities that the social committee does. The committee consists of 26 members headed by the social eta and the assistant social chair. In September over 60 appllcatlons were received from those Interest- ed n helping out. The selection was based on applica– tions and reconvnendatlons. The coornlttees goal was to make the tradltlonal events stronger and Incorpo– rate new events like group bus trip. theme dances. and more on campus events. The enthusiasm and comml– tement of the committee helped the A.S. "Make a Dif– ference" this year


d Estella Lopez Social Chair




- --------------------------------- Yearbook

'. ............. ... ~,.-.·~ -~· ...................... ·.· ~ . . . . . . . . . . . . .. ' .. \1:-.:· :- . . . . ..



.......7.-...:,·•• ~:..-.:: ·.:·:·:-:·-.-.,· ..·:--.-:.~-· ••


1988 g1ves birth to a new orga– nization on oampus ••. the Al– cala' Ctub. The former Alcala' Women's Cfub and Alcala.' Men's Qub as a direct result of TitH! IX The Alcala· Club Is a eervice organi;iattQB which acts, upon the request of the sity of San Diego, as official uni– vere&ty representativN. at university sponsOfed events. The duo has a!sisted the University-at such traditional events as Par– ent's Orientation, Parent's Day, President'.s Club Dinner, Dean's BaU, student masses in Founder's Chapel as well as many other activities~gh– out the sohOOf year. The Al– cala' Club wefcomes servtc. oriented, dedjcated. energet– lC, and commuted people to become pert of our group.

Alpha Epsilon Delta I& a na– tionaf honor&!) society for those pursuing c~ in the health related profPJMons. Students wtto are intending to pursue graduate coursework ;n medical, dental, or veteri– narian school are member&. AED heJps to prepare stu– dents by inf'Orll11ftg them of re– quirements, test dates, sem– inars, etc ... all toptes related to gaining admittance into a profession school. Parties, beach voMeyball games., tours of medical sch~. and .......,.._

speak.erS are some of the ac– ttvities that AED plans for members.



The USO P~rogy Club at– tracts etudents who are inter– ested in teu,,ing more 1bout human and antmal be'flavior. Most mel"(lberS are Psycholo– gy mJle(S., but all.students are en~ to l<>in. This year the etub invotvea itself in sev– erat munity projecjj in– eftlding helpin_Q ~ stu– den&e agquire literacy skills and assistin!, in a tocal Montessori ,,_chool. Members also enfOyed lec– tures given by pro,lTlinent local psychotogists and tours of– fered by nearby mental health facilities. Tha Ckab offers the ex~riece of Its members to the student body in out peer futoring program.8ome of our members have al80 j0IMd Psi Chi the NatiOnal Honor Soct– ety in Psychology.

The Chemistry Club is an or– ganil'8tion which unites stu– dents with a similar interest in science. Not -only does the club provide 1ervices to the school and the community, but it also holds social events in which ~ofessors and stu– dents can interact on an infor– mal basis. Besides providing a tutOffllg service for the SQhOOI., ohlmistry Club praents seminars and chemis– try magic lftQws for local grammar schools as well as holding its annual Halloween party and weekly volleyball toumal'Ul(lts. Overall, the Chemf .s,tl"f Club fosters an un– derStanding of science and the role it plays in our daily nves.


The Italian Club was reactivated in 1987 and this year we gained many new members who helped us pro– moting Italian spirit on campus. We organized our first Spaghetti Dinner, ordered our first shirts, tried a cou– ple of Italian Restaurants, played games in Italian and got everybody confused on the issue of thinking grammatically correct Italian or speaking "as it comes". We finally opted for the latter, which made our conversation group awhole lot more fun. We got involoved with other lan– guage clubs to help with the Interna– tional Students Dinner and Interna– tional Christmas Party. 7S(') International Students Organization sponsors cultural activities, pro– motes understanding among people of different ethnic backgrounds, provides help to foreign students, engages in intercampus activities, and provides different perspectives on world issues. Standing from left to right: William Quah from Malaysia-Public Rela– tions, Christoph Kubitza from France-Public Relations, Jocbeth– em Tahapary from the Netherlands– President, Jose Guerra from Spain– Vice President, Beat Naef from Swit– zerland-Vice-President. Sitting from left to right: Nabeelah Abo-Huntash from Kuwait-Public Relations, Yvette M. Fontaine-International Student Advisor, Archie Medrano– Treasurer.

The surf club at USD is an organiza– tion of both male and female surfers who compete against each other to determine a team which then com– petes against other colleges throughout southern CA. Then club goes on surfaris where ever the swell dictates to satisfy the soul as only the surfer knows.

In its third year of existence, the USD Cycling Club/Team continues to fill the need amongst USD cyclists for honing their cycling skills and knowledge. Originally the club was open to all types of cyclists. Over the years it has evolved into primarily a club which promotes and encour– ages bicycle training. As a sanctioned teamwithin both the United States Cycling Federation and the West Coast Cycling Confer– ence, riders are eligible to partici– pate in a wide group of races. Members of the club/team enjoy bi– weekly meetings, training redes, mechanical tips, and collegiate races. The club also co-sponsored the "USO Cycling Grand Prix," a large on-campus bicycle race.





Resident Programming Machine was devel– oped to offer students of USO an alternative activity on campus on the weekends.

Association of Progressive Students pro– motes awareness -0,~ociaJ. economic, and political problems in our "Norld. It seeks to resolve some of these probfems by finding ways students can acttvely become involved in student activism.

11 USO Oceans Club is comprised of Ma– rine Science and Ocean Studies majors, Ma– rine Studies prograrTJ are synonomous and inseparable, as each lupports the goals with the San Oiego Oceans Foundation and the Sea World Research Institute. The Oceans Club is dedicated to the proper management of ocean resources, supporting the aca– demic needs of the membership, and utiliz– ating the excellent marine and scientific re– sources that San Diego has to offer. The purpose of the club is to bring together USD students interested In maring related com– munity and academic activities, SCUBA, fiStling, specimen collection, lectures, and social functions.

The American Marketing Allocfation provides studentl In Marketing and Advertising with a ffnk between the campus and the protessjonal San Die– go business community: The AMA rx– ganizes manyevents inclucng speak– ers from the local busineu communi– ties working closely wtth the San Die– go professional Cfiapter of AMA. the students are givenmany oppcrtunities to become actively lnvotved in San Oi– ego Businese.

Delta Sigma Pt la a professional frater– nity whose purpose is to provtde buet– ness students with an outlet for learn– ing beyond the classroom. It promotes academic excellence and ~ves scholarship and social activities are necessary etements to develop a weH– rounded indMdual. Its community ser– vice and professional events allow members to gain practical experience outside of USO. Delta Si~ma Pt edu– cates students about the 'real world" to prepare them for their departure from coHege. 'Br1eeus

BACCHUS (Boost AlcohOI Conscious– ness Concerning the Health of Univer– sity Students) is a national coltegiate alcohol educatiOn group. USD's chap– ter has the largest membership and student involvement in the Western Region. The chapter is a student run organization promoting the responsi– ble use of alcohol through events such as Alcohol Awareness Week and the Spring Don't Drink and Drive Pledge Campaign.

The purpo&1W of. ~e r:,e'wes~_pfority on campus 1s to unit~fhe, ~hood as.,1 family of friends b~ (ogether ~ common set 6f ~~·Alpha Pp( JNas founded at ru~Universi1)"ip '1872. USO'I e-s~diapter to f.oynded and it ha« er 0,ef,arter gie_p,b,,fs,.ffom the ~us cq,n.9'1jli~'l"')'e !,G,uoding mem– trers are;~rlf'),Jf(~r.Mief Adam, Kate And~ K,:fsfefi And.efson, Keri Ass.: mus, Sus~aile_y1 / Charity Ban#, Charlen• BarnsdaLe, Anne-M~ret Bartish, Janell 8¢, Jujlie B(}I'(¥,-Julie Braswell, O,0-n Bubo~· A~ Butkis, ~ialopg ~iJlt!G ~cia Campion, Brel)da Caflar.' , ;Je~r Car– ter, Kathy ~tr-a:' Kristen _91flberg, Re– becca C~liss, M.J'f'_r Childs, Kris-


~a Kappa Psi 15 the nations oldest and 1¥fest Professional BusiRess Fraternity. The o ctives of Alpha Kj1PpaPsi are to further the indMdual wel– fare of ~ tflembers, to fostec. ..eienttf~ *earch in the Trelds of comm~. &e'co~ ~n,cf finance, to educate the 1c tO appreer"ate .jlfld d,mand higher ideals thereffi-end to prom~ a,_ advance institutions of cQMe,ge rank course~ Jtfading to de– grees in busifl98S administratfo,r.


SAA (Student Alumpr AssOCH!lji,ml) 1s a group of undergµ(gw&Ji' leaders who work ~sejt .wita tt.e Alumni Relatio04 i6ffice~ T :S5efp fo$ler a close, ¥e between USO Alumni and ffie University itself.

to deve p md

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' I Q~ Ille 1"1"19SI p Olld goverrvnent

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,f orrmarJ'1 c

There ore mcriy op , gendel 111)5 to t g vorr otl"I- , s

field fflness p,o newspaper


·:.~ .... :.\;~- ... ~ ............. \•:,-:,--: .. ·.~ .. ·,- 4 ...... .........., ............... • ••• • .. ..•\ . "· .......~·-t•:.•:••.•.\·.··· \··~.·~-··

RUSH RUSH rJ1 l~L~ I\ _,.....,r



nl°' CHI

Sigma Chi

Eddie Alvorez Paul Augustine

Sigma Pi Fraternity is today. more than every before. an integral and funcotional part of the USD environment. Through its many facets of operation. Sigma Pi compliments the college education of its members. As a social unit. the "Cutting Edge" belongs to Sigma Pi. with such events as M·A ·s·H Bash, Club Med, Road Trip to San Felipe, Mexico, Halloween VI, Brother– hood development weekend. and numerous little sister events. The varied social life Sigma Pi provides for its members, promotes involve– ment in extracurricular activities, and em– bodies the ideal of friendship among students. As an educational uit. Sigma Pi is a forum for the continual discussion of new ideas; a laboratory where the members learn the fundamentals of business management. leadership and self– goverment; and a workshop in which members acquire the ability to work and live with others. Sigma Pi is also a Brotherhood, dedicated to forming the life-long bond of friendship among its undergraduate and alumni members. In short, Sigma Pi is an investment in one's future, perhaps the best investment a college student can make.

Dan Balley Ted Baker

Tim Baker Jeff Barker Ty Barksdale Byt Berger

Gino Bianchini Tony Beauddin Tom Breitling Pat Brennan

Robert Briggs Don Brinkman Trn Bubnick Bravllo Castillo

Alex Chucrl Dan Claar Skip Class Bob Coberly

Mike Coller Sea,CougBn MattCullg TonyDeBellis



John Dilworth Richard Dom Jon Edwads Mike Farrell Celestho Fernandez

Lorenzo Fertitta JamesGadner Peter Greeley Drew Hady Greg Henrotln Glenn Hckok Troy Hoch Tom Holland Phil Isbell Vance Johnston Chris LaBante Kely Lawrence Gary Lefebvre CtvtsLohne Jorge L\llan Chris Maloney Jeff Marquis Greg Moll Scott Morris Joe Mortensen Matt McCormick Doug Mcmillan Dan McNamara Scott Mtice Dan Keegan Kevin Kely

DougNecry Denis Nolan


David Reiling Carter Richardson Eri< Roctlguez DaveSivaggio Skete Simmons Rob Spates Greg Stll Robert Tasker Matt Tate

AlohVily Jom Voss

CIAnWalsh Ward Cherie Wicl

th avwersay n the as Pt Kappa Theta

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Ever snce the

a t apter was nstituted as the 1st J 1< in 1961 Phi Kaps hove been ,f ~ de The brothers of Phi t continu y better themselves mn'll.nty service and ocodem i IOUldotion Of leodershp and Kap, hove on ~oleled tradition

g f1 ;:i

,1 that there smore toMfe than~t academics ou c10 coleo :Ja hos provided everything to doun der · ' a 1X1 and the Son Diego Hghllfe. 5orTM ,f the things done ore tub Med the Inter-Sorority Vol leyb lnvltotl oo Fath«s Weekend. Rosorlto Week d M j ster Mocness oil th, in the foN The ad vent ontf1U8s nthe$pmgw1thAuggeDoy, Togo Paty ca N(llt ond cumnotna with the FOUlder Doy Bo whch celebrates the chater dote of Phi KoPPJ heta Jt U A new th g tm yea was the hlghly,popuor AuggiE Club Th, g -..p is off to a geot start and a briglt ru Iho •S fa tokng us to Disneyland! As you con Koppa Theta tokes pride in what we do BRO ~ 000 FAIT! I FREflOSH LOYAlTY AflO RE SPE·~ pl a proud history




Phi Kappa Theta


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ere so, nMay 1


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ion can JI y n the ADPi

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n We proujly wear Qr ) lr1 Alpha Delra Pi.

Alpha Delta Pi









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J Motf'l

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G , ,m Ph, I I 1 n tht 10th lt r m,1 thi, ot r 1

Univt if\ in 187 114tlr t tt n:l lumn On

Jttl IP I t y an .,

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F II f>rmal Cr

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-ginning with inspiration Wt k ,ni

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n r•, ' t, phil thropy for nt Ii an Ev f ho r, pl 1y d h p, 11 ng nvolvf'










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The Theta EpsilOn Chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha was in– stalled at USO on Nov 10. 1979. We are the third largest national sorority. and enrich the college experience by providing life long friendships Built on a firm foundation of high ideals. Zetaoffers the opportunity for social devel– opment. high scholastic achievement. and personal growth

Zeta Tau Alpha


'ir.~ -:1-i,


. - ..4






~~- _, Miq,helle ~udd~ .......,....~~b.~ l • "' ·. : ..· Jim Albritto.n- ,. • __. ~ Eli . . , .. .. .·:· ' ' .... ~~- · ,,,., . on 1 ..,.,._ ...... .• __......._.,.,g,t.,I .. ..., .. ,,..,,. .. -- ... . . . ~'('rt,--* .... "I* ... ,... .fl"i. !,...,,,.. ·'\ . ~- Frank Androski Jr: · Kd:hla Arch&?" ,·~· . ") ,••· ~ Craig Austin Jocelyn Bak~ t..; .dl/Jllllt ,Marv'1ilatc:'e!on . t-··- ..- .,.t..... J,..,I ··~ h• .. -~ .... --~ ~JY,r•tJi:~-,.– .,_,.., ., .. - 11 -~ ' ;'J. ~ • ¥,JI·~ • ~,.....,._J,'r. ·~'ri ,.j,. 4 .,. u-ter··• ~ hamp Cindy Beavef •· .. t.., Julfa ~e'ckley· ·~ J!tistin Berghage

.... 'tit ..



. .

Michelle Pello'Ots suw:rme-Fen,t~~ ·· Pamela Ferges

Susan– .Conn·· Flan1gan. ..

~~o~~~- 1·Freeman John Geiler Sheri Gess Patrick Gowan ..




~,,,.,.'$;. .,..,... -~ '




~imc~ 'It::f."'Ja~k-son . _, . • _Robert J~ i. . . ~ ... · ~~~~- . .II(, . . i"'• :.'w a1•111..





If.• ~ , i . "'

• •. ,1'£" 4.

.,:.a.,,., ·. -'F ~ . i.~



........... ·· :..i,....,•..



"· .,.... ...,:-.,. • 't'!>' ~ • ' Denms·t*tlt-1'.!a ·taw:!)-a Rubeshaw ·-~- ~-

Anne ScmdPn Paula Savina

. ,..,,,~ -,.,,. I



~""-. ..,: ....<··· _"'!vmr~o, .. ,. ,




~ •.-



•=--·. .... . , .ii"; · Sean .. ~ufitar¥,~' i< • Louis..&~ ·



. -John Sperr

• .Messand "



.'41,.' .. .... , .. ·~-


.., Richard· Stefmf ~ftm,Stewjft'.; H'"ejdi SttoJny

'-..= ,,_ -- ~ · I

~icole -- . ...

. ...

. ,,.«!..,.-. . .,..~

n • .... .'II ,






Linda Abbruzzese Liana Abele Carra Adams Dexuse Alberto Stephanie Alcaraz

John Alessio Angela Anderson :Maya Anglcawijana Patrick..Apet Joumari Badillo

Sarah Bagg Teresa Baroi,.e ~ece Bartek Anne Bartish Robert Basile


.ld:il;Jlael Bernamo~i cent 'Bianehf' Gino Bianchini Ole Ma.rius ~erke KJistinBlum

i.obert Blum Ltsa Bolltnger Kristin 8arella £:ellf' Bow(fr J,,ori Boyett

~wen Braman 1'imberly &ro'Ughton Kathleen Brow»e Christine Bruce lµistq Brungnar<,

Michael Buckley Charlene Buechner Renee Bukovichik Ttisha Burghardt 'I'ina Burns

Vita Burzotta Linda Bush Francisco Bustamante llosa Bustamante Anita Butkis

Sallie Cain Mcucia cnnpion Bernard C@delaria Saundra Canedo John Ccxrlson



18:ttnU.r Castle tathleen. Castro ~o. Cefalu Erin Characl:1is Cll!i$tina Chavez

Patricia Chen Hector Chin 1'~t~ong 1'ale Chrilty Tr~Cimo

Sugfe.Co~ ~ith Colvin Shannon Om!e'F Chris Co.yle James Cope

Lorin Creer Jri,tin- pq~ John Dam:rose

Theresa Deaugustine Kelly Dennison Megan Dobbin Mary Doherty Karen Doyle

Kyla Duckworth Chrifltina Dull :l:r;uce D~nn ~tbcmn Eatltty, Jose.Ph 'Eb~I

Rakel Einevoll ETiJt E~l;)org Rochlynn Estrellon ~neEttari ~id: Etmcrn.

Holly Fabre Catherine Fahey Raquel Farley Swfanie Filipan Edward Fisc~er

'Da:ffny F.llJ,gerald Suzie l'itzp~ Michelle Fowler Amy Fox Adam Foxx


~OP//ORORE~ Patrick Poy Kristin Frost StephcJIJe Gcmriel C.hcules Gallaa Abel Galvan

Amie Garcia Samantha Garton Xatie Gaudet Elizabeth Gething Pqul Giberson

Michelle Gillies Liam Gimon Victoria Gocke Lind.a Go~z Peter Gray

Suzanne Grlmmes•y Stacey Gruenewald JWGunning Jennifer Hadley -'pril Hahn

Wendy Harabedian Jacqueline Harley VGJUN~J:larris Kristen Hemmerling Wendy Henderson

Chris Hernandez Karen }lernandez John Herrman Richard Hersey Glenn Hickok


... .. Stalia Humphreys ,Chimene H'Clnt M'b1lyH11~ IW.H.ybl n s!gsi~ H.i,U

Albert Ingallinera Phil "8~µ_._ , ~ . G~s1~o nn,l'Y'V1 ,Jttek lba J ie Jao114i.

Sheila J1Pteries .hlae ,IAp~gs Chrisfina Johnson -~~ohnson 11:f!siecx Johmon

Tim Johnston l[~rri Kato Shtrri Keith ffilliam Kelley Adrtenue. ,geµy

CclfhlH.A.J'eJ.lY Kristan Kenncnct Eli Xesic Chris Kinge Michael Kinney


~OP//OHORE~ ------------

Marcia Lar an Lia~ Lauda Virginie L@run .Suzanne tel'atz Steve Lesterson

... Sophomon,

Allison Marshall Craig Marshall Mlchelle Maye;: J'bseph McDonald _I:.qupe Mc<;lwa

Annette Mignacca Itarim Mikhail Mary Milone .it<1arin Montgomery Michelle Moll,rstuen

Jod'y )49,1~ Steve Morgcftl Jason Morris Scott Morris E. Thomas Morton



'50Pf/OHORE'5 -------i

f:'ind~Mu~~ . Sonia ~~ette Delior4h, ~Wn.. Kathy Ne8'i. ~ry N.eyill_e

~im~ l'rqng Nguyen Patriettx 'fklqaiNfi-..1 ..Mcx~~\P.11! Jfw..,.9co f/" J

Michelle :f,~Iloma Andre Pab.'tie'" Pr~effld-~ R.ichmci Pearl

.William Qucrl! 'f'1\ll R«t,anal– Rob"fnann '

Robert Reynolds

Lenna Rhyne Rhett Rieke Se'Ott Right~ !t<1thy Robbins Rodolfo Rod.Iiguez

Salomon Rojas PGula Romero

J,eoRo:n~es Dean .Rossi llenee lloy

Sandra Sanchez Jocii.Scni.sone Dominique Scott ~W,ly Vf/Setlo

Renae Shamoun Tom Shea Stdcey Shinn l,cturel Shoaff Victoria Si~,J>son

'J'odbne ~ger Kent Sligh Julie Sloman Krista Sorensen Dan Speirs

Sophomon, ..


Karen Tancredi Ekawati Tandiono JWs Techentin James Tersigzrt Dina :rhomP:5cpt.

Julie Thurman Ian Topelson Xgµ.i 'l"orto~lt., l.i&Cl t:ro~ Patrick. Valdez



Laura Aberer Gabie Adams Monique Agnew Leyj Agp WWicun Aker Jr.

Heidi Albrecht William Alexander III Barbara Allen Jennifer Allmaras Kirsten Ames

J9 Aadezson ltarin Anerson June Andrews Creighfon Aotani Stacey Aprahamian


Sllsan Bailey 'Magan .Biker Keel;r ,angeen P~1-Bcn:etta 'Charlene Bansdale

l;kil~ Lucas Beebe ~ndra ' ...-S -6t~ Bengtson Laura Benitez

Kif Bennitt .McuyBergen Mich9lleB~ MHIJe'Biddle Angelle Bilbao

Lq_w~~ --- 1aifhyn Bodenllemeir ~9belt Boerner

Jas911 ~ohn Julie Bonar


Ufri 1!or§'

Pc;i)r~ r

~Janson E4w rd B:rause "'Br~

Joseph B1ienz~ Jennifji'f~~wn ChcJrije B\,tsh Caloiie B:ren~a c .a.naris

Melissa Childs Rachael Chtsm l,rlstm.C~Ik Kathleen OhlisnlEtt 1tim 'i!

Sdndt~ JapiQs Clarke D~rren C1crttea. I.isa Colangelo Laura Colbttrt


Carolyn Collins Dan.a -Collill)l 1e;.niferC~ Catherine onne1fy Mary Conner

Kevin Connon Amy Coo Brian Copp.1u·s~ith

John Coppes Crh.Jis Cottle.

Chris Courtley Patrick Crema ~hley CroiiJ.q;nd Ycia\i Cross 1onathg:n Clowell

Rosemarie Cuba Cuellar Grace Cueva liQ:lni ummins Catherine Cunning~

Margaret Currivan Carrie Cwiak Dyan Daglas J~hn Danahy Chris Daniel

StEfpJiCJAie D~rrah 1ames Davia~ Chelsea .Davis Jennifer Demarco Elisa Denner



Donald Qe':>l'$Jinc; Diaz

Michael Donovan Lee Dorn~y Alison Dorr Megan Duffy Marcella Duncqn

Yvonne Dunham John ~c:k ,Singer Eddy lf &ndy Edelm

Jenny Elmore Leslie Ei1~el Erik England ¾iylie1: ~hleen Eppich

Michelle Erlinger Denise Ettari

Dani Farler Deirdre }'arr Zoe Farrell

jlee:l':l.-t'llg11eroa 'Kathleen Flynn Robtn Fratessa John Frazier Jamie Freeman




Mi~elle Grani 1 Christi Grant

Peta "?;ree_,_way , Hally Gtouri.ds Gina Guid'f

Cq.rtis Hedln Eric Henley ~ Nat~n Hingeley

JC•Hiy ijo4a,es Michael lloert °ittryn,tlo~ Kathy ,Ho}Jnes Matth~w Holl11es


, -


Kristine Hoppe Janette Hoskinson Jackie Hough ~xiiJ{umphrey .l'ane H\11lfir

Amie Hutchison Jenni Hyde America Ibarra Xelide Amy In1antin,o

1'tisUn agi49 Andrew Isakso&i: Britta Ivanic Michele Jacobi Kimberly Jacobson

Rebecca Jqpjk ~her.Jones

Jennifer Jones Kelly

Sakolwan Kacharogn Jacqueune Kalin

Tracy X.aufmc;u1. Kimberly Kaufman

Jim Keen Erin Kelley

~eM.Rellog Jon Kern

\111vid Icrippner e'mrie Krueger )ria:(J lt'tliper,, AIWhew &uuimer Mark l.ackey

Elaine LallaJMJ _.,,,,_nnt~ Susgn~~ ~ 'Leanio ,J.iw.ta,

!ric' MagJl.U.son RMemttty Malc9m Tanya Mallean Jeffrey Malo~e Aatho~ Ucintrelft


Melanie M_art~• Jamea- Maitone JR Mass,ey Cristine :Matthew. Cath,~inq )&au.le

,Jexmifdr McDonnell Julia McGinley Itara McB.elUltl Kristin McKenzie ~la cKnight

Archie lbdrano Roget'"Merlc · Me1z 1lecrther Meyer Aaron Miller


Kelly M~y \{aryctnn Myers Micheal~ ltaamela Myers K y ah


-DclnNorton David Norton Joseph Norton Nancy Oconnell Stephanie Obe:rttr

Lonnie Olwas Eril Olact11, Kimberly. Oneill Wiltiam Ort,Ul.~ ~x.,a Pankey

Carrie Papera Kdsten Parker Matt~ Parrish Sue Pastor Olivia Pennucc:i

Seaii P&lkin.i Michele Peyreb,u,ae–

D~ici 'Pierce Lai~e Pierce

Karina Pie


Jennifer Pod~ Jerufei PolenzczR,i Sean Ponso :Brctdley Por~ SuzaIUMi Poremba

Btian U Steve Psomas Josh Puckett Jacquel~e Quiroga Ann Rahn


Molly Scuki1tcm MeHss, Seuner Carlo Schi1ano Andrew -Sc'limsier Michael Sclyni

cole Schneider TITflnTl'II' Schni9der

Elizabet c o Mark Schul in David.. Sfpas ·


• Justin Smith Ki~tley MaM Smfth Sfepha'nie -~ .JQ~i_~~QifOiji[ I

Wayman Striekl~ . ~i~ Sri~ <:c:ffiWie Sb:11ther!f Don Sulli



1ll"ctt't' Vttnderziel Natalie VanOppen Julie Varacky Rina asquaz Heather Vaughan.

Carol Vcnaght Nicholas Venu~ J aJlA:p.a Vemdli Vario Viru:wud Vic~ Vispsky

William Was!lam. Kristin'W~ Gregory Weave~ Cll!i$N Weber Kristin ethl


.-.... wrioht J'cx~ell Zampetti Joseph Zyburt

~ .. ~· ........ ·•···• ................ ·.-~·-·· -.:.·:.-.'::.\:-:;·_::;·:-.;·:-.\.1. •• --..-:.\_.:: .. ::.-...:::-.::-~ . . . . . . . . .


John MacNamera, Vice President


- ..... --:---:. .... ~· Dolores 'Bacalskl I

Spanish · _ ~

Donna Barnes Asst. Professor Education

Mildred L. Brown Undergraduate admissions



Carolyn A. Costanzo Financial Aid Assistant

Gary Dobson Te1ec0mmunications



John Gillman Religious Studies

Patricia Higgins Copley Library



Mary Ann Kennedy


Health Center

Kathleen Longmire Health Center



Rose Merino

Judith Munoz Human Resources



Irving Parker English

Judy Rauner Volunteer Resources



Thomas Schubert Electrical Engineering

Edvard Taylor American Humanics



Herbert Whyte Financial Aid






The University of San Diego women's basketball team entered the 1988-'89 season on a note of optimism. Buoyed by the presence of six retl.ffllng winners as well as five prized recruits, Head Cooch Kathy Morpe sent her Toreros full tllt Into the 1988-'89 schedule. The road at the season's beginning was. indeed. very bumpy and hard to travel. Freshman forward Rachael Chism tore a knee ligament and was lost to the team for the season. Both players wiU "red-shirt" this season and will return to the team In time for the '89-'90 campaign. USO began the season Thanksgiving weekend as one of four teams participating in the Downeast Auto Classic In Orono. Moine - the other three being the University ofMoine. Eastern Washington University, and Duke University. The Toreras drew the host team. Moine. as their first round opponent. They sent the Landy Block Bears reeling Into the consolation game with a 52-49 triumph. Their opponent In the final was Duke. an opponent who proved to be too much to handle for the Toreras. USO came out eight points short. losing 64-56. Ttvee more road games faced the Toreros. They were blitzed by both SDSU. 87-47, and Col State FuUerton, 75-48. The Toreras ended their five game rood trip with a record of two. wins. three losses.









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