New Hire Booklet 2017


To view your handbook which provides detail on employment policies, please visit the APi Intranet home page at You will find the employee handbook at the bottom of the page under ‘Helpful Links’. You can also request a hard copy of the handbook from your local payroll or benefits contact. The handbook covers many topics in detail and includes but is not limited to the following:

 Welcome Letter from the CEO  Equal Employment Opportunity  Sexual Harassment and Discrimination  Compensation  Workplace Attire  Ethics Policy  Professional Development  Attendance and Time Away from Work  General Workplace Guidelines  Workplace Safety  At-Will Employment  Terminations

You are required to sign and return the Acknowledgement of Receipt form to your appropriate contact as noted on the form. This states you have had the opportunity to access your employee policy handbook and is required for employment. Should you have questions on any policies mentioned in the handbook, please bring them to your supervisor or a payroll/HR contact.

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