Northants Combination Handbook 2015 2016

Guideline for Marking Referees The Referees performance will be measured in every Northamptonshire Combina- tion Football League match. Each club will be required to mark the Referee out of 100 marks. These marks will be submitted to the County FA. Please follow the spe- cific guidelines that include match control, player management and application and interpretation of Law.

Mark Comment

An exceptional performance displaying excellent control and accurate application and interpretation of Law supported by management strategies. First class match control and player management incorpo- rating accurate decisions and Law interpretation. A very good performance with high level of accuracy, man- agement and match control. A performance displaying effective management techniques with good Law application and control with the potential for the next level. A performance with a level of management and control. Identified shortcomings may be improved if the assessor’s advice is acted upon. There may be evidence of inaccurate application of Law. A performance below the expected where specific areas of Law application, management and control have been identi- fied, requiring action needed to ensure improvement. Unsatisfactory performance showing deficiencies in all cate- gories of performance requiring immediate remedial action to be taken. A poor performance displaying distinct lack of control and management skills, interpretation of Law is inadequate.









A mark of between 70 and 80 represents the standard expected of a Northants Combination Football League Referee. Where a club marks a Referee below 60, the club is required to submit a letter to the General Secretary, substantiating their judgement. If possible the mark awarded to the Referee should not be done immediately after the game has been completed. Feeling will undoubtedly be running high and isolated incidents of a contentious nature will certainly colour the thinking.

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