Coping with your Loss - Autumn/Winter 2019



Celebration of life ideas T he ways in which you choose to Think about the key aspects of the person’s life as well as their family history and of how they contributed to the world around them. How did they

another food) from their personal recipe to give out to everyone, along with a recipe card. You could also ask guests if they want to make a donation to a scholarship fund or other charity in lieu of flowers or other gifts and then perhaps announce during the event how much was raised. Balloon releases have been done in the past; however, but they are now considered to be environmentally unsafe. So, think what else you can release? Birdseed or wildflower seeds into a field? Butterflies or ladybugs? You can also light sparklers, blow bubbles or light luminaries.

If your loved one enjoyed Christmas or gift giving, guests could bring wrapped gifts to be given to residents at a nursing home or to children and families in need. Hire their favourite local band or singer to perform a few songs during the event, or play a selection of songs for a life celebration. When serving food or drink, think of your loved one’s favourite dishes or treats. For example, if they loved ice cream, you could plan for everyone to make their own ice cream sundaes. If they loved macaroni and cheese, think of all the ways you could use that food in your dishes.

Have relatives and friends wear a piece of your loved one’s jewellery. Ask attendees to bring a story, memory, message or memento of your loved one to share. You can set up a table to display the mementos or a message board for of photos and mementos that circles around the event space. Some people may prefer to keep their message or item private. If they had any collections consider having their collection on display during the event. Perhaps create displays or a visual presentation of the person’s favourite song lyrics, poems, aspirational sayings or perhaps biblical passages. people to post their messages. Create a timeline

celebrate your loved one’s life are limitless. Keep their personality, wishes, and desires and the activities or entertainment during the event. Ask yourself: Would the deceased person feel pleased in mind as you plan the event

make others feel? What did your loved one mean to you? Decide on a theme for the celebration of life.

For example, if your loved one was a fan

of a particular sports team, everyone can arrive dressed in that team’s

Plant a tree or flowers at the event site or at another site. You could also send guests home with tree seedlings or other plants that they can take home and plant in honour of the deceased. If your loved one had a green thumb, you could create cuttings of his/her plants that could be given out to guests as well. Maybe your loved one wanted to go out with a bang with perhaps some fireworks to celebrate the end of their life. Celebrations of life are not just for other people and they are not just for the dead. You may want to plan a special celebration for someone who is still alive. If you are planning your own celebration of life event, think about how you want your loved ones to remember you. Is there some-thing about your own personality that you want to shine through during the celebration of life event. Are there any mementos or collections that you would like displayed?

gear. The same could be done if they had a

favourite colour or if they had a cherished pastime. Collect donation items for your loved one’s favourite charity. Perhaps decorate the event space with his/ her favourite flowers.

and honoured if they were there.

Create a memorial quilt of the person’s favourite T-shirts or sweaters. Gather images of your loved one to display on a photo memory board or table. Try to collect photos from all parts of the person’s life: birth through adulthood. You may also want to create a DVD that will continuously scroll through the photos during the course of the event. For many people, these photos can spark a conversation or help them to remember long-forgotten memories. If your loved one enjoyed cooking perhaps create a cookbook of their favourite recipes for all to enjoy. You could bake biscuits or make jam (or


Let us help take away some of the stress at an already difficult time, by fully supporting you in organising the perfect celebration of life. Our function room is a light open space with a private bar and glass doors opening onto a patio area, all overlooking our picturesque cricket oval.

Balloon releases have

been done in the past; however, but they are now considered to be environmentally safe. So, think what else can you release?

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F inally think of how you can make the day fun and enjoyable for all so that they leave happy and laughing with wonderful memories of your life and what you meant to them.

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