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FreeWillsWriting Month O ctober is Free Wills Month which brings together a group of well-known charities to offer people aged 55 and over the opportunity to

An up to date Will written by a solicitor ensures your wishes are respected and also avoids difficult decisions and legal complications for your loved ones. Free Wills Month allows you to provide for family and friends and leave a gift to your chosen charities too. People can contact one of the firms of solicitors taking part in a Free Wills Month campaign during the designated month to ask for an appointment. Free Wills Month is intended for people or couples aged 55 and over but in the case of couples making ‘mirror’ Wills, it is sufficient that one has reached the age of 55. The solicitor will help to draw up a will that accurately reflects your wishes or those of a couple. You are under no obligation to leave a gift to one of the Free Wills Month charities, however, it is hoped that people will see this as a chance to help their favourite cause. Appointments are allocated on a first come first served basis. Once all available appointments are booked the campaign will close and this may be before the end of this month. The charities will not get a copy of the Will and the only documentation that is received is a confidential declaration form which asks questions such as where people heard of the campaign, their age and whether or not they have left a gift to one or more of the Free Wills Month charities.

The campaign only covers the writing of simple Wills so if your Will needs some more work, the solicitor may ask you to pay the balance yourself. Many charities also offer a regular free Will writing service through appointed solicitors, that allows you to choose how you want to write your Will and once again they would be grateful if you left a gift in your Will to them, but there is no obligation. Several charities have teamed up with the National Free Wills Network to have a simple Will written or updated with a local solicitor for free. You apply through the National Free Will Writing Network who will send you a pack with details of up to six local solicitors’ firms who are registered with the network. You can then choose which firm and contact them directly to arrange your appointment. You can also write your Will online with some organisations where you will need to complete an online interview which offers guidance and support through the process. Once you have written your Will, you will need to print it out and follow some simple instructions to get it witnessed correctly. If you wish, you can pay for additional legal advice. In this case you will be put you in touch with accredited solicitor who can offer advice by phone or face-to-face.

have their simple Wills written or updated free of charge by using participating solicitors across the country including many in the New Forest and elsewhere in Hampshire and Dorset.

The campaign only covers the writing of simple wills so if your will needs some more work, the solicitor may ask you to pay the balance yourself.

W hen a family member or dear friend dies you may not only have to deal with your feelings of loss you may also have to wind up their financial affairs. Dixon Stewart

and how those charges are to be paid. It is often useful to have a solicitor involved in the administration of the estate even if you have been appointed to act as executor. This is because the beneficiaries of the estate can see that there is someone independent

At Dixon StewArt we take pride in offering an understanding, sympathetic and professional service and aim to take away as much of the stress as possible. We are able to act in all matters concerning the administration of an estate including Will Trusts, the transfer or sale of properties, inheritance tax and the obtaining of a grant of probate or letters of administration. Our personal service ensures that matters are handled professionally and efficiently and often at a significantly lower cost than equivalent services offered by banks and similar institutions. If you require any further information or would like to arrange a free consultation either at one of our offices or in the comfort of your own home then please contact us or see our website. Dixon Stewart has been providing a full range of legal services to businesses and individuals in and around the New Forest for over forty years.

This may involve the obtaining of a grant of

us we will often know and remember them and this always helps when you are dealing with your own losses. Our initial advices will always be given without any charge to you. Our initial advices can also be given at your home. They are part of the service we at Dixon Stewart pride ourselves on providing. Those initial advices enable you to be fully informed and to decide whether you wish us to do anything further to assist you or whether you are content to deal with all or some matters by yourself. If you decide we are going to assist you further then we will tell you how our charges are calculated, what our charges will be

probate (where there is a Will) or a grant of letters of administration (where there is no Will). The grant is your authority to deal with the financial affairs. Sometimes no grant is required. If you have never been involved in the death of a loved one before then this can be a very difficult time. Here at Dixon Stewart we deal with the financial consequences of death every day and consequently any work we do for you will be carried out quickly and efficiently so that you can have access to the monies and investments of your loved one as soon as reasonably possible. Furthermore if your loved one made their Will with

acting and if there are any difficulties in the

administration these can be dealt with by the solicitor.

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