Coping with your Loss - Autumn/Winter 2019



Questions to ask funeral directors before you make the decision

Questions to ask a funeral director

If you are comparing funeral directors, keep in mind that not everything will be included in the overall price that you are quoted. You should ask a series of questions to ensure you receive a high quality service which is best for you and your loved one:

C hoosing a funeral director that will arrange a fitting funeral for your loved one and ensuring the arrangements run smoothly and a dignified service is delivered is the most important task surrounding the death of a loved one. What does a funeral director do?

• What is and isn’t included in your costs?

• What services do you provide?

• Can we choose a burial or cremation funeral?

On the day of the funeral The funeral director should personally oversee your chosen arrangements and guide and support you through every step. They will usually meet with you prior to the day of the funeral to ensure all your requirements are met, confirm arrangements and ensure all instructions are correctly recorded and any changes noted and acted upon. In addition they should be present at your side on the day to supervise the occasion and direct all in attendance and ensure sufficient pallbearers are available and instructed to escort the coffin with dignity and respect. They should prepare all locations for the service and committal and liaise with any Minister or officiants. They should personally see to every detail, including the collection of cards from floral tributes, charitable donations, book of remembrance and other memorials from the day for you to treasure and keep. They should also prepare the deceased in accordance to your wishes, dressing them in their own

• Would you come to our home to discuss the arrangements?

clothes if you wish or a suitable gown. They should also follow any instructions regarding hairstyles and make-up and care for any personal effects in accordance with your instructions. They will prepare a private Chapel of Rest and allow you to spend some private time with your loved one by agreed appointment at any time, or will bring them back home for you to pay your last respects. processional route for the cortege with you. This may be comprised of a journey that includes treasured memories or personal landmarks. Ask whether they are a member of the National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD). The NAFD ensure all of their funeral directors adhere to strict codes of practices, compliant procedures and full price transparency policies, ensuring you receive a high level of service. They will discuss specific requirements regarding the

Choosing an experienced and professional funeral director will help ease the burden and stress of arranging a funeral for your loved one. During the arrangements you can expect as much time as is necessary. You should have personal, face to face contact to discuss your individual requirements and take instructions either at the funeral directors or your home. The directors will arrange the venues, transport and required personnel – to a time and day that suits you. They will also consult on choice of coffin and any lasting memorials that you may wish to have. They will also prepare, collect and distribute all the required documentation and coordinate ‘external payments’ that are necessary for the funeral to legally proceed. They can also collect and administer charitable donations, co-ordinate music for the service, floral tributes, service stationery, obituary notices, catering and any other special requirements.

• Where will the deceased be kept until the day of the funeral?

• Can the funeral be personalised?

• Is there a range of coffins, caskets and urns to choose from? • Can I visit my loved one before the funeral?

• What happens if I move house?

• Do you liaise with third parties and take care of the paperwork? • Can we choose the day and time of the funeral?

• What funeral transport do you provide?

• What type of funeral ceremony could we have and where?

• Do you offer 24/7 advice and support?

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