MATERIALS OF CONSTRUCTION The Ellis DAF is available in A-36 carbon steel, 304 stainless steel (SS), and 316 SS. Liners and internal wear protection are also available. These can minimize the adverse effects often associated with corrosive and/or abrasive materials processing. AIR DISTRIBUTION The small air bubbles required for flotation can be generated several ways. The traditional method is to spray the wastewater into a slightly pressurized tank. The small water droplets from the spray will approach saturation within the pressurized atmosphere. As this pressurized water is released back to atmosphere, the air will come out of solution forming very small air bubbles 20-30 micron in size. A more common option is to use an air aspirating pump, which draws air from atmosphere and forces it through a uniquely designed impeller to create the air dissolving action. The highly saturated dissolved air produces 20-30 micron bubbles. SOLIDS DISCHARGE AUGER The lower portion of the solids chamber of the DAF has 45 degree sloped sides to form a V-shaped chamber extending the width of the separation cell. This bottom chamber can be equipped with a slowly rotating ribbon type screw auger to convey heavy gritty solids to a sludge discharge nozzle. SOLIDS FLOAT SKIMMING The unique Ellis pivoted Ferris wheel type skimmer design is much cleaner and less maintenance intensive than a rigid fixed skimmer. During operation the leading edge of the pivoted skimmer points downward in both the skimming and return cycle thus preventing the accumulation of wet solids on the skimmer blades. The skimmer assembly is driven via a high torque gear motor connected to the shaft by a chain and sprocket reduction. Shaft mounted sprockets drive a pair of stainless steel chains which are mounted to the pivoting skimmer blades. CONTROLS The DAF is readily equipped with most monitoring controls. Liquid level, flow (throughput), temperature, and pH controls are standard available options. VFD drives can also be incorporated to adjust the speed for control systems such as pumps and skimmer. Explosion proof controls are also available for all DAF systems. Please contact an Ellis sales representative for any custom control requests.

INTAKE & DISCHARGE PUMPING Pumping systems for all DAF intake & discharge points are available. Ellis will furnish the ideal pump suitable for the liquid (centrifugal, progressive cavity, etc.). FREEZE PROTECTION Many clients choose to locate the DAF in an outdoor location. While this is perfectly acceptable it can be problematic in particularly colder Northern climates. Even in warmer climates where freeze-thaw is not common it is never a bad idea to prevent issues with the addition of internal heating systems. COVERS & HATCHES There is nominal risk for any harmful exposure to airborne pollutants with the DAF. However, this can vary depending on the material being processed. Subsequently, all DAF units can be built with an optional vapor containment sealing cover system. Hatches are also available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes to best satisfy the maintenance and inspection needs of clients. Discharge ports for periodic material sampling can also be incorporated into any design EFFLUENT CHAMBER pH ADJUSTMENT The effluent chamber acts as a feed reservoir for the pressurization system. It is designed to protect the recirculation pump from damage by running dry. This chamber is an ideal location to adjust the effluent pH prior to discharge. INTAKE HEAT CONDITIONING Most separation & recovery applications are improved with the simple addition of heat. This is why Ellis Corporation decided to incorporate Ludell heat exchanger systems into their wastewater product line. Whether you’re trying to free emulsified oil or cool process water, Ludell Heat Exchanger Systems will deliver the process performance you need. OSHA SAFETY GUARDS & CATWALKS Access for inspection of the DAF is not required for all systems. However, some customers prefer integrated access ladders and catwalks for ease of maintenance and routine inspection. Ellis has designed and installed hundreds of ladders and catwalk configurations to best satisfy customer safety and maintenance needs.

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