Head's Newsletter 23 June 2017

hot weather has been rather trying this week, and I think the boys appreciated the extra mufti day. We will continue to review the situation although it looks at the moment as if temperatures are returning to more normal levels. GCSE and internal exams are now over, and we look forward to the year group celebrations later this term. A-levels will also shortly be finished. Year 11s have now moved on to work experience which many of them will be doing. It is also a very important time for Year 12 who will be engaging with our Higher Education Festival next week, preparing them for their options after their final year of school which they are now entering. Over the last few weeks we have held three official two minutes silences at School, reminding the boys not only of the uncertain times that we live in, but also that they share a part in a wider community to which they will contribute. In the next two weeks we will also witness some of the joys of being involved in schools, with the Year 6 boys who will be joining us in September coming to their New Boys Day, and with the reunion of old boys, and especially the leavers of 2007, returning to meet up again after 10 years away from Tiffin. Both events are always tremendous occasions and remind me of the unique role that schools, and especially Tiffin school, play in developing individuals as constructive members of society. Yours, M D Gascoigne, Headteacher

Dear Parents Firstly I would like to thank all those many parents who have contributed to the Tiffin Education Fund since our recent appeal went out, as well of course those parents who were previously already contributing. There is no question that we are coming under increasing strain because of declining income from the government, and it is therefore extremely important that parents give to the fund in order to maintain the fantastic educational provision at Tiffin. If you have not yet made a contribution to the fund, please do so: you may access the forms here . I would emphasise that all contributions are gratefully received, and if you are not able to give the recommended amount, please do give what you can afford. I would also like to thank those parents who contribute in other ways to the School, whether through doing the teas for the cricket, or helping with our garden, which you can read about on page 2. These newsletters give you a taste of the breadth and quality of education that Tiffin is able to offer. In this week’s there are articles on our successful dance, as well as the fantastic performances in the maths challenge and in the ‘Go4Set’. There is also an article on the great performance of our rowers at the National Championships, and you can watch the film of the fantastic J14 quad. Although there is no write-up in this letter, it was a great pleasure to witness some excellent cricket wins at Grist’s on Saturday against John Fisher; the sun certainly shone, and so did our boys! The


Open Evening; school finishes at 12.40 pm. Y7, Y8 and other boys required for evening

Tuesday 11 July

Stop the Clock Day: Yrs 7-9 out on trips

Thursday 13 July

Tiffin-in-the-Garden 5.30 pm Founders’ Day; last day for boys

Friday 14 July

Thursday 20 July

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