Oakhaven Autumn Supplement 2020


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Your hospice needs your support, now more than ever

‘The provision of these services costs £5 million annually. We receive only 14% of our running costs from statutory sources, the rest of the income has to be raised by fundraising, donations, our charity shops, gifts in wills and charitable trusts.  ‘Covid-19 has brought many challenges this year. Our clinical teams have worked tirelessly throughout to ensure that those at the end of life and their loved ones are cared for and supported during this difficult time. Our Day Hospice has continued to support patients through regular telephone calls and home visits, whilst our wellbeing teams have been working on new ways to adapt classes, courses and support groups in the “new normal”.

Whether provided in the hospice or in the home via our community teams, support is given at any one time to over 300 individuals across the area to ensure that they are living their best possible life.  ‘In addition, wellbeing services through Oakhaven’s Coates Centre are offered to anyone affected by illness, including people caring for others at home, living with loved ones at end of life and dealing with bereavement. Each year we support over 7,000 people across our community with advice, counselling, complementary therapies, support groups and much more. All our hospice services are provided free at a time when people most need them.

‘But it has been the cancellation of numerous fundraising events and a loss of income from the Oakhaven Shops that has had the biggest impact. Government funding has helped in the short term, but this has now come to an end, and we are forecasting a shortfall of £500,000 by the end of the year: a significant proportion of the annual running costs of Oakhaven Hospice. ‘In fact, the pandemic has highlighted how fragile our income streams are, at a time when maintaining the breadth of our services across the community has been more important than ever – and at a time when the lives of many have been hit hard. ‘This month we are launching ‘Oakhaven Giving’, an opportunity for you to help your local hospice with a small amount on a regular basis. It may seem a drop in the ocean, but if everyone in the community were to give just £3.00 a month, the equivalent of a takeaway cup of coffee, eventually this would provide our annual income needs. ‘Meanwhile without a doubt, 2020 has

highlighted to all of us the importance of planning ahead. This week the national “Remember A Charity Week” reminds us all about leaving a gift for a charity in your will and how your legacies can help so many people. This could be a more appropriate way for some of you to support us. ‘I hope that the following pages give you an insight into the work of Oakhaven Hospice. End of life may not be something we want to think or talk about too often, but at some point most local people’s lives are affected by life limiting illness and at that stage it becomes essential. That’s the point at which Oakhaven comes in, helping people to face up to those frightening conversations and then providing the highest possible levels of palliative nursing care by expertly trained specialist nurses and compassionate, comforting carers. If you are able to support our Oakhaven Giving appeal, you will be helping to secure the future for your hospice and ensuring that we will be here when you need us, too.’

Chairman of the Oakhaven Board of Trustees, Professor Paul Dodson, talks about the impact of Covid and how your support can guarantee the future of Oakhaven Supported by wonderful staff, incredible volunteers and our those close to you will be supported and cared for by a wonderful team of doctors, nurses, healthcare assistants and volunteers. 

generous community of supporters and local businesses to all of whom we are so grateful, our need is now greater than ever before and we ask for your help. Oakhaven Giving provides the opportunity to donate the equivalent of a cup of coffee a month to help secure the future of your local hospice. ‘For over 28 years Oakhaven Hospice has been supporting and caring for those in the community who are approaching the end of life. Born of the vision of Phoebe and John Coates, the hospice opened officially in 1992 and since then has touched many lives in the New Forest, Waterside and Totton communities. ‘Situated under the large oak tree from which Oakhaven derives its name, the hospice is a sanctuary. With its In-Patient Unit, Day Hospice and Wellbeing Centre, Oakhaven is a place where you and

‘Support for Oakhaven over the years has been amazing. We are grateful to so many who have taken on challenges, events or activities to raise funds. Many of you have supported your hospice with donations and we are regularly humbled by the warm-heartedness for Oakhaven displayed throughout our community and on our social media pages.    ‘Compassionate care is at the heart of Oakhaven.

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