Oakhaven Autumn Supplement 2020


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Your hospice needs your support, now more than ever

‘The provision of these services costs £5 million annually. We receive only 14% of our running costs from statutory sources, the rest of the income has to be raised by fundraising, donations, our charity shops, gifts in wills and charitable trusts.  ‘Covid-19 has brought many challenges this year. Our clinical teams have worked tirelessly throughout to ensure that those at the end of life and their loved ones are cared for and supported during this difficult time. Our Day Hospice has continued to support patients through regular telephone calls and home visits, whilst our wellbeing teams have been working on new ways to adapt classes, courses and support groups in the “new normal”.

Whether provided in the hospice or in the home via our community teams, support is given at any one time to over 300 individuals across the area to ensure that they are living their best possible life.  ‘In addition, wellbeing services through Oakhaven’s Coates Centre are offered to anyone affected by illness, including people caring for others at home, living with loved ones at end of life and dealing with bereavement. Each year we support over 7,000 people across our community with advice, counselling, complementary therapies, support groups and much more. All our hospice services are provided free at a time when people most need them.

‘But it has been the cancellation of numerous fundraising events and a loss of income from the Oakhaven Shops that has had the biggest impact. Government funding has helped in the short term, but this has now come to an end, and we are forecasting a shortfall of £500,000 by the end of the year: a significant proportion of the annual running costs of Oakhaven Hospice. ‘In fact, the pandemic has highlighted how fragile our income streams are, at a time when maintaining the breadth of our services across the community has been more important than ever – and at a time when the lives of many have been hit hard. ‘This month we are launching ‘Oakhaven Giving’, an opportunity for you to help your local hospice with a small amount on a regular basis. It may seem a drop in the ocean, but if everyone in the community were to give just £3.00 a month, the equivalent of a takeaway cup of coffee, eventually this would provide our annual income needs. ‘Meanwhile without a doubt, 2020 has

highlighted to all of us the importance of planning ahead. This week the national “Remember A Charity Week” reminds us all about leaving a gift for a charity in your will and how your legacies can help so many people. This could be a more appropriate way for some of you to support us. ‘I hope that the following pages give you an insight into the work of Oakhaven Hospice. End of life may not be something we want to think or talk about too often, but at some point most local people’s lives are affected by life limiting illness and at that stage it becomes essential. That’s the point at which Oakhaven comes in, helping people to face up to those frightening conversations and then providing the highest possible levels of palliative nursing care by expertly trained specialist nurses and compassionate, comforting carers. If you are able to support our Oakhaven Giving appeal, you will be helping to secure the future for your hospice and ensuring that we will be here when you need us, too.’

Chairman of the Oakhaven Board of Trustees, Professor Paul Dodson, talks about the impact of Covid and how your support can guarantee the future of Oakhaven Supported by wonderful staff, incredible volunteers and our those close to you will be supported and cared for by a wonderful team of doctors, nurses, healthcare assistants and volunteers. 

generous community of supporters and local businesses to all of whom we are so grateful, our need is now greater than ever before and we ask for your help. Oakhaven Giving provides the opportunity to donate the equivalent of a cup of coffee a month to help secure the future of your local hospice. ‘For over 28 years Oakhaven Hospice has been supporting and caring for those in the community who are approaching the end of life. Born of the vision of Phoebe and John Coates, the hospice opened officially in 1992 and since then has touched many lives in the New Forest, Waterside and Totton communities. ‘Situated under the large oak tree from which Oakhaven derives its name, the hospice is a sanctuary. With its In-Patient Unit, Day Hospice and Wellbeing Centre, Oakhaven is a place where you and

‘Support for Oakhaven over the years has been amazing. We are grateful to so many who have taken on challenges, events or activities to raise funds. Many of you have supported your hospice with donations and we are regularly humbled by the warm-heartedness for Oakhaven displayed throughout our community and on our social media pages.    ‘Compassionate care is at the heart of Oakhaven.


Oakhaven Hospice Autumn Supplement 2020


Oakhaven Hospice In-Patient Unit: a special place

chapel. Whatever the day, every one of our staff takes enormous pride in creating a welcoming and caring, yet peaceful environment for those in our community who need our specialist support. “Watching the love of your life die is extremely difficult, but I can honestly say that it could not have happened in a place where I felt more supported and cared for, and my wife could not have spent her last days in a more peaceful and supportive environment.  The help and assistance from Oakhaven did not stop when the inevitable happened. Following her death I was offered counselling, social events and even cooking lessons. That support is still available to me five years on from my wife’s death. It was the most difficult time of my life, but made so much more bearable by the professionalism and genuine support and care from the staff and volunteers at Oakhaven. I owe them so much and thank them with all my heart”.

Before visiting Oakhaven, some people have a vision of hospices being quiet and sad, a place where the very ill go to spend their final days. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Our hospice is full of life and compassion and plenty of TLC (tea and lovely cake!). Where everyone – from the housekeeping team and volunteers, to the nurses, carers and medical staff – always have a smile on their faces. Hospices are all about helping people to have a better quality of life, for as long as possible, after they’ve been diagnosed with a life- limiting or terminal illness (they aren’t just places for people with terminal cancer). This can be achieved by taking into account physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs and treating everyone with

welcome at the hospice (although currently due to the Covid-19 we have had to implement some restrictions). Oakhaven Hospice has 10 single bedrooms, all of which have direct access into our beautiful gardens. Each room has a flat screen ‘smart’ TV (recently donated) and an en-suite bathroom with shower facilities. Patients are also able to enjoy an assisted Jacuzzi bath if they would like. All our meals and snacks that we serve are freshly prepared by our chefs in the Oakhaven Kitchen and all individualised dietary requirements can be catered for. Why is the Oakhaven Hospice inpatient unit so special? One day you may see a horse paying a visit or a donkey being led through the corridors, the next it is our privilege to support a patient’s wedding in our

dignity and respect at all times. Patients may be referred for admission to our hospice at any point during their illness. So while some may come in for a few days or weeks towards the end of their lives, many will also stay for management of their symptoms, before being discharged to their usual place of residence, with It was the most difficult time of my life, but made so much more bearable by the professionalism and genuine support and care from the staff and volunteers at Oakhaven.

community support if needed. We also spend time looking after the needs of family members and friends too. We understand that if someone you care about

has a terminal illness, it can make such a difference to have the right time and support for any difficult questions and concerns that you may have. Families and friends are always



CALL US TODAY 01425 612391 Freephone 0800 0921919 NEW MILTON SHOWROOM

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19 Station Road, New Milton, Hampshire BH25 6HN www.dpr-windows.co.uk


Oakhaven Hospice Autumn Supplement 2020


To remember Oakhaven with a legacy is a gift in itself

It is because of the legacy of Phoebe and John Coates that Oakhaven Hospice is here to care for the community. The land on which the hospice sits was gifted to the charity to enable those at the end of life to receive specialist care in a safe and comfortable environment.

We simply wouldn’t be here without their vision and generosity. Phoebe and John’s legacy has reached out and touched so many lives across the New forest, Waterside and Totton areas through the support that Oakhaven provides to patients and their families. “At a time when I was in a very dark place, feeling broken hearted and isolated, past memories of such happy times rushing through my mind, the future just a blur; I had no vision of how I would ever come to terms with the loss of my wonderful husband.”  Oakhaven gently and patiently guided me through difficult days. The chaplain, one to one counselling, support

continued support to help me look to the future with renewed hope.  A personal legacy to Oakhaven is very poignant, not only to those who are ill but also to those who are bereaved. As its name implies, a haven, a place of comfort, a place where family and friends can meet, a place to laugh and smile with their loved ones, as well as a place to pay their last respects, in a kind, respectful and caring environment.  “A legacy is humbling and priceless - to help others is a gift in itself.” We are grateful to those in our community who have continued to support us by leaving a gift to Oakhaven

Hospice in their will. These Legacies make a real difference to Oakhaven. One in four of our patients is supported thanks to someone leaving Oakhaven a gift in their will and can be a fitting way to make a real difference to someone during the end of their life.

A personal legacy to Oakhaven is very poignant, not only to those who are ill but also to those who are bereaved.

John Coates

groups, meeting other people and making new friends. The volunteers always so welcoming and warm hearted. I am exceedingly grateful for the palliative care they provided my husband in a beautiful and peaceful setting as well as the

Phoebe Coates

If leaving a gift in your will is something that you might like to consider,further information can be found at www.oakhavenhospice.co.uk/agiftinyourwill



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Oakhaven Hospice Autumn Supplement 2020


Oakhaven Therapies

we have been able to extend our wellbeing service to our wider community through the Coates Centre. We run a number of workshops that provide insight into the benefits of complementary therapy and teach the

basics of massage. These workshops provide individuals with information on how to support their

health and well-being. In addition individuals can book an appointment for a complementary treatment.

there are some variations in what each of these therapies can offer and it is therefore important that treatments are tailored to meet the individual needs of the patient or carer, to ensure the most effective and safest treatment is given. “My husband died in my bed, I had no idea how much this would affect me, but it did, so Oakhaven arranged for me to see one of their amazing complementary therapists.  After our meeting I decided to try the Reiki.  I was taught how to sleep again.  How to give myself permission to rest and recharge.  How to switch off from my grief, however briefly, to make sure I was well enough to be there for my children.” The benefits of complementary therapies are evident, and in the last few years Being diagnosed with a terminal illness can be very hard to come to terms with. At Oakhaven, the Patient and Family Support Services Team provides counselling and pastoral support to help individuals and their families at this very difficult time. If you are newly diagnosed you will of course have family and friends you can talk to, however it can sometimes be easier to chat with someone who is not as close to the situation. This can allow you the space you need to process thoughts and feelings in a safe and confidential setting. For those close to someone with a life- limiting illness, perhaps even caring for that person, you may find you have to adapt to their needs in ways that affect many aspects of your life. This can give rise to an overwhelming variety of emotions

For more information please contact sally.woods@oakhavenhospice.co.uk

and again, talking to a trained counsellor can often help you to manage your reactions. Even when it is expected, the loss of a loved one can be a difficult time. In some cases, those affected by a person’s death may find they have started their journey through grief before the death has occurred; perhaps for example, where a person has gone through a long illness. In other cases, maybe where a death occurs without warning, loved ones may have had no time to prepare. Whatever the circumstances, those left behind can struggle to make sense of all that has happened. trained bereavement volunteers, are here to help you talk through the emotions you are feeling and find ways to help you cope. Our counselling and chaplaincy teams, as well as The gift of movement Our physiotherapists work with people with life limiting conditions to help them achieve their personal goals. Treatments tailored to individual needs empower patients to help maintain their function. Maintaining mobility, giving confidence and fostering hope all contribute to the quality of life and independence that patients seek. The team help to manage mobility by providing equipment and offering different techniques and

approaches for doing the things that you need to in day to day life, such as personal care and domestic tasks or to carry on doing the things you enjoy, such as hobbies. Physiotherapy makes a difference to patients’ lives “when I was struggling with my balance, the team worked with me to rebuild my confidence to be able to walk again using a frame, their

sense of wellbeing. Aromatherapy, the

The gift of touch Complementary therapies are offered at Oakhaven to patients and their carers to relax, feel better and gain a positive effect on the spiritual, mental and physical well-being. One of the key things that all therapies provide is touch. A simple hand massage can provide comfort and reassurance; improve the quality of life by reducing stress and improving a person’s

use of essential oils, is particularly effective in supporting patients to manage symptoms such as pain. We also offer reflexology, reiki and massage. Patients who suffer from peripheral neuropathy, which can be a side effect of chemotherapy, report that they gain relief from their symptoms following reflexology treatments. In general

I decided to try the Reiki. I was taught how to sleep again. How to give myself permission to rest and recharge.

input was so important and they always seemed to be there when I needed them” . Patient and family support services at Oakhaven

You may find it useful to talk to others who have had similar experiences, perhaps by coming along to one of the bereavement groups run through our Wellbeing Centre. We hold monthly afternoon tea sessions for the recently bereaved and monthly coffee mornings for those who have been bereaved for longer. Many people have received support and found friendships through these groups as they start to rebuild their lives. “I wouldn’t have coped with losing my soulmate without the help of the counselling services offered by Oakhaven. They came to my rescue, allowed me a safe space to explore my next steps, my grief process, my coping mechanisms.  They have become my friends and I can never thank them enough for their ongoing support and help”.

Proud to be Supporting Oakhaven Hospice

Call Gill today to arrange your free initial consultation with one of our Independent Financial Advisers. Our team of qualified independent financial advisers offer bespoke advice on your financial situation and objectives. Our independence allows us to research and recommend the most appropriate solutions from the whole of the market.

01425 611666 mail@stationfinancial.com

The Patient and Family Support Team continue to take referrals for counselling. You can self-refer by downloading and completing a self-referral form on our website www.oakhavenhospice.co.uk/coping-with-bereavement or contact us on 01590 670 346 to request a form to be sent to you.


26 Station Road, New Milton, Hampshire BH25 6JX


Oakhaven Hospice Autumn Supplement 2020


Oakhaven’s Wellbeing Services: be well in your world

living with illness or as carers to meet up for a cuppa and a chat, whilst Bereavement Coffee Mornings and the Widowed Friendship Club help those who’ve lost a loved one to find their ‘new normal’, whether recently bereaved - or months or years along the journey. Whilst some of the groups are led by the Oakhaven counselling team, others are self- help groups. “Coming to the Coates Centre helped me learn to cope after losing my Mum, and the therapies helped me to relax” Oakhaven Wellbeing also offers a range of practical help – from cookery workshops to hand massage workshops, sewing sessions to hearing aid workshops; the aim is to provide

Oakhaven helps to make every moment matter. As well as specialist palliative care and support for patients reaching the end of their lives, we encourage a focus on our patients’ wellbeing, helping them to live well as long as they possibly can through a range of social, spiritual and holistic support. Importantly, our wellbeing support extends to our patients’ families and loved ones, supporting them throughout the difficult times including bereavement. “I feel cared for and supported, with an increased confidence to deal with my health challenges” Anyone who has been diagnosed with or is living with a life-limiting

illness, caring for a loved one, or coping with bereavement can find support and information through the Coates Centre, a purpose-built drop-in wellbeing centre set within the beautiful grounds of the Oakhaven Hospice. Six years ago, we extended the Oakhaven Wellbeing service further to the wider community, not just patients referred from Oakhaven Hospice. We now help anyone in the New Forest, Waterside and Totton area who is impacted by life-limiting illness. Support groups, activities and wellbeing sessions Oakhaven’s wellbeing services include a wide range of peer support groups, social activities and wellbeing sessions. You’ll find support and information, meet others going through

similar situations, find a way to get through the challenges of life - and to live well. “Oakhaven helped me find reassurance and a feeling that I am not alone” Our support groups offer the chance for people living with a range of illnesses including dementia, respiratory conditions, brain tumour and advanced cancer to get together with others and share experiences. The groups usually offer a mixture of speakers/ topics but generally are all quite informal. “At Oakhaven I found help in finding a ‘new normal’ life after the death of my husband” A number of activities encourage people to socialise and share their experiences. ‘Mensmeet’ Mornings inspire men

support and assistance in as many ways as possible. Currently Oakhaven’s wellbeing services are on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic, but the team is working hard to safely start sessions again in the coming months, as well as producing a series of online resources, please keep an eye on our facebook and website for updates. In the absence of face- to-face support, our counselling team has produced a series of

useful online support and guidance, including information on coping with bereavement, facing fear and planning for the future. These can be found at www. oakhavenhospice.co.uk/ wellbeing You can also telephone the Oakhaven Wellbeing team at the Coates Centre on 01590 677198 (please note at time of writing the phone is not always manned but it is possible to leave a message and a member of staff will call you back as soon as they can).

Extensions, Alterations, all Property Repairs and Maintenance.

Our experience in building works covers an extensive range from small extensions to brand new property construction in both the residential and commercial sector. Including: Patios, driveways, brickwork, carpentry, painting and decorating. Bathroom and Kitchen refurbishments. We now offer A Home insurance guarantee on all work undertaken
















01590 645483










Oakhaven Hospice Autumn Supplement 2020


Oakhaven kitchen: the heart of the hospice The kitchen is at the

The Oakhaven Kitchen is a social enterprise, and as such all profits provides

Catering for all occasions The Oakhaven Kitchen also offers an out - side catering service. Whether it is a platter of sandwiches for a corpo- rate meeting or serving a scrumptious buffet for a special occasion, the kitchen can cater for all dietary requirements and special requests. “We were impressed with the standard of fayre on offer and were glad Oakhaven were able to benefit.” The best part of the cookery classes is teaching the bereaved a new skill which takes them away from their grief for a few hours.

an additional income stream for Oakhaven Hospice. Through

schemes like ‘Fare Share’ and ‘Neighbourly’ which supply unwanted excess food, the kitchen is not only able to provide healthy and nutritious food for our patients but also reduce costs for the hospice and use resources as effectively as possible. Our kitchen and local charity, Força - Strength Against Cancer, have been working together for four years for the Forest community. The Nourish project has been providing meals that are freshly prepared on site for local people receiving chemotherapy treatment, as well as a meal to take home after their treat- ment so they don’t have to worry about cooking. benefit of the local Lymington and New

Your local Cle rview St ves Specialist: WARMTH FOR THEWISE

meals alone for the first time. “The best part of the cookery classes is teaching the bereaved a new skill which takes them away from their grief for a few hours. Watching them integrate with others, talking, laughing and sharing a few tears along the way, but knowing it is all fine because they are on the same journey” The Bereavement Cook- ing Classes began six years ago and were designed to teach the basic skills of how to prepare vegetables, meat and fish, and produce Open Monday-Saturday The Old School House, Church Lane, Sway 01590 683585 www.woodburners.c m O e ay-Saturday 280 Ricardo Way, Ampress Park, Lymington, SO41 8JU 9 .wo e . o

heart of Oakhaven and is run by a wonderful team who are passionate about providing patients with healthy and nutritious food which is acknowl- edged as one of the foundations of holistic healthcare. One of the kitchen’s many achievements is the Bereavement Cook- ing School. Cookery classes bring together the recently bereaved; they are taught basic kitchen skills and cooking tech- niques alongside others who are in a similar situ- ation of having to prepare

nutritious meals. There is a relaxed approach to the classes, no scary cookbooks with lengthy recipes. “A dollop of this and a blob of that, then taste it!” the kitchen team teach the basics of home cooking and the students enjoy the fruits of their labour when everyone sits down together to enjoy great food and good company. Many friendships have been formed through our cookery classes, it is a social environment that has grown into our Wednesday Lunch Club

that is held weekly at the Coates Centre. “…Your simple hand’s on approach has given us all the confidence to try new recipes and techniques, knowing that the end result will be a meal to be proud of.” “You have helped me get back on my feet!” Cooking delicious home cooked food for patients, family, visitors and our staff is at the heart of our kitchen.

For more information please call the Kitchen on Tel 01590 670346.

Suppliers of wood burning stoves since 1978 Visit our show om

079244-SU New Forest Disability Informatio

Your local Clearview Stoves Specialist: WARMTH FOR THEWISE Your local Clearview Stoves Specialist: WARMTH FOR THEWISE our local learvie Stoves Specialist: WARMTH FOR THEWISE Your local Clearview Stoves Specialist: WARMTH FOR THEWISE Your local Clearview Stoves Specialist: WAR TH F R T E ISE

Do you have difficulty using your bath, or find stairs and steps difficult? New Forest District Council offer grants and loans for adaptations

to your home that could help make your life easier. Please contact our Private Sector Housing team on 023 8028 5151 for further details.

New Forest District Council has linked up with local charity New Forest Disability, to promote adaptations to help people stay independent in their homes. New Forest Disability provides free, impar- tial, confidential information and advice to those of any age and any disability, through- Funding is available to assist New Forest residents with a disability to live safely, independently and with dignity in their own homes. We can help with a wide range of adaptations, including: • Installing a level access shower. • Widening doors for wheelchair access. • Fitting grab rails, ramps or stair lifts. out the New Forest area. What we can help with

We can also assist with arranging a needs assessment, surveyor and builder to carry out the work. Loans are also available to help with essential work such as roof and window repairs or a broken boiler. Loans are administered by the Parity Trust, a charitable organisation. Who can apply Council or housing association tenants, private tenants and home owners can apply. Applications for adults will be means tested and you may have to contribute to the cost. Applications for children are not means tested.

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Please call New Forest District Council for more information - 023 8028 5151.

New Forest Disability NFDIS Head Office, 6 Osborne Road, New Milton, Hampshire. BH25 6AD • 01425 628750 newforestdis.org.uk • info@newforestdis.org.uk

New Forest District Council Appletree Court, Beaulieu Road, Lyndhurst, Hampshire. SO43 7PN • 023 8028 5151 newforest.gov.uk


Oakhaven Hospice Autumn Supplement 2020

www.oakhavenhospice.co.uk Oakhaven shops: our window to the High Street In a number of local towns you will

There is no greater buzz than the atmosphere of a busy shop, with the team and customers alike enjoying themselves with plenty of perusal and replenishment going on! The Oakhaven shops are a social hub all of their own, where people can come in for a chat, or to find information about the hospice, whatever the query, we will try to help or give the phone number of someone who can. If buying clothing, customers often ask for fashion and style advice too, and if an item is too bulky to carry home, we will try to help find a solution! And although presently, we are mind- ful of how many people are in the shop at any one time, and with masks now de rigueur, we are grateful for all the support we’ve been shown by our cus- tomers who are able to visit us. And for those that are still shielding, we look forward to seeing them again soon. From chess sets to tea sets, the variety of donations we receive is fascinating, not to mention all the fabulous clothing we are given too! No day in an Oakhaven shop is ever the same, the generosity of our custom- ers and donors and the support and dedication of our shop team remain a constant. Our hospice has touched so many lives with its unfailing kindness

find an Oakhaven shop. These commu- nities are served by the Hospice which so generously supports us in return, with their purchases and plentiful donations. Each charity shop has a unique per- sonality so whether you are looking for a new outfit, something for your home or quality children’s items, our stores are a treasure trove of pre- loved goods. Staff and volunteers will welcome you with a smile on their faces, and it is wonderful how many friendships have blossomed, not only within the team but with customers too. ‘Volunteering in an Oakhaven shop gives me a great feeling of being part of a team. You never know what each day will bring and meeting customers and supporters is always a delight’

and care over the years, and we are all proud to support it within our cog of the wonderful Oakhaven wheel. We welcome your donations for our charity shops. For full details of how to donate or find out more please either call the shops or see our website www. oakhavenhospice.co.uk/shops Find our shops in Lymington, New Milton, Highcliffe, Hythe, Totton and Shirley. If you would like to be part of the retail team why not pop in and have a chat with the manager? We look for- ward to seeing you in our shops soon.

Oakhaven Care: helping people at home Oakhaven Care is a social enterprise that care across the district. This service has ena-

came into being to support the work of the hospice, providing home and personal care across the area with the same professional and supportive care for which Oakhaven is known. Our friendly carers are out and about across the New Forest helping clients with light duties, making lunches, pro- viding assistance with personal care or sitting with an individual to offer companionship. Oakhaven Care is now working closely with the NHS to provide community palliative

bled those choosing to remain at home to receive great quality care. “The ladies that visited my husband for the last few days of his life were so friendly and compassionate; one lady was kind enough to do my ironing enabling me to spend time with my husband”

bi-monthly to receive a few hours of free care that will enable them to access the commu- nity. Our first recipient wanted to go to see the cruise ships in South- ampton so one of our lovely carers took her over and spent a lovely

thankful for all we do for them. It is a pleasure to be part of a company with such a holistic care ethos, there is a real team spirit amongst us all, it makes coming to work a pleasure” This year a new ini- tiative was launched, ‘Making moments matter’ this is a free service for our existing clients; one is selected

afternoon watching the ships on the water. From September the Oakhaven Care team are excited to announce that they will be able to offer their exceptional services across the Waterside area.

“Thank you so much for all the care you gave Dad over the last month, you were all so caring and respectful and that was much appreciated by Dad and us.” Oakhaven Care currently looks after between 70-80 people who live in their own home, with a staff team of over 40 carers. “Caring is so rewarding, they are so

For more information please contact the Oakhaven Care team on 01590 646440


Oakhaven Hospice Autumn Supplement 2020


‘For many, it’s the little things that make a difference, a smiling face, a gentle hug, crisp clean sheets or the smell of freshly brewed coffee. We all have things that make us feel warm inside, the feeling we have when helping others. Now imagine if something as small as a cup of coffee could make a difference.  It has been said that ‘the measure of a good community is in how they care for those at the beginning and end of their lives.’ Looking after people in our community as they reach the end of their life is what Oakhaven does on a daily basis. For over 28 years we have been part of your community and have touched countless lives. For those who have had first-hand experience of the care provided it really is a special place.  “From the first day, when I was walking in with my family to visit my Dad, to the last day, when we left knowing we

long period of illness, and care for them as they near death with compassion and tenderness. We also support the bereaved with both counselling and in more tangible ways, for example by providing classes that not only teach new skills but also help widows and widowers to make new friends. Oakhaven is also very much more than just the hospice itself. Our teams reach deep within the New Forest, Waterside and Totton communities, turning homes into hospice beds and enabling people who wish to remain at home to die the ability to do so. Making every moment matter - embracing the whole community With annual costs running at £5 million (all our nursing and care services are provided free of charge) only 14% of our funding comes from statutory sources. The rest we have to raise with your help, and each and every year Oakhaven

finds new ways to fundraise. However, it’s an ongoing challenge to raise the money needed that enable us to provide these services and this year has been tougher than ever. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, Oakhaven’s doctors and nurses have worked tirelessly to ensure that those at the end of life as well as their

families receive the care and support that they need during this difficult time. But as we emerge into the ‘new normal’ the impact of Covid-19 has highlighted the fragility our income streams and Oakhaven is now facing a £500,000 shortfall in income.

Our mission now is to make our future as secure as possible, so that we are here to care for our community, to be able to carry on making a difference to so many lives. Please help us. Read on to find out how donating the cost of a cup of coffee a month could make a difference…

wouldn’t return, we were unconditionally loved. Being so young when I would visit, Oakhaven was the first experience of vast kindness from ‘strangers’ I remember. I owe them the world for making those final, special-yet-painful days with my Dad full of warmth and love. I’m now left with nothing but those memories, but I’m beyond thankful I have them. I’ve continued to raise money for Oakhaven since I was a young adult to ensure the next family that comes through their doors gets what I had – a cherished chance to say goodbye.” More than just the buildings The word “hospice” has in recent years evolved to embrace much more than just the final days of life. At Oakhaven we start by helping people come to terms with diagnosis, which can be an enormous first step. We then support them throughout what can be a

“From the first day, when I was walking in with my family to visit my Dad, to the last day, when we left knowing we wouldn’t return, we were unconditionally loved.

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Oakhaven Hospice Autumn Supplement 2020


Grab a coffee, let’s have a chat... And if you can give more on a regular

below and return it to us at Oakhaven Giving, Oakhaven Hospice, Lower Pennington Lane, Lymington. SO41 8ZZ. You can also download the form online at www.oakhavenhospice. co.uk/regular-giving and either post to the address above or email to fundraising@oakhavenhospice.co.uk (You will of course be able to vary the amount you give or indeed cancel, at any time if you need to.) Your regular donations will enable Oakhaven to help more people in the New Forest and Waterside area living with life-limiting illness, as well as their families. You can change someone’s life today. Become part of a proud community of supporters that will help Oakhaven to give the gift of care for those at the end of life…

End of life is rarely the topic of conversation when you sit down with a coffee. But Covid- 19 has changed the way all of us live and shown us how precious life is, so now is the time to talk about death and what that means for us and our loved ones. We want our final days to be peaceful, to die supported and pain free but Oakhaven too has been affected by the pandemic. It has highlighted how fragile our income is and how we must secure it for the future. That cup of coffee will make a difference We know that the price of a coffee doesn’t seem a lot, but if you our community are willing to donate just £3 each month, you can touch the lives of those at the end of life. By joining together, having a virtual coffee every month and donating the cost, you will come together to secure the future of Oakhaven Hospice, directly providing care to people as they die, helping others come to terms with a diagnosis, and supporting families through bereavement. Together we are stronger Approximately 150,000 adults live in the New Forest, Waterside and Totton, the area covered by Oakhaven Hospice’s extensive services. In these challenging times we ask you all to consider being there for your hospice by committing to give a regular amount each and every month. If each person were to give just £3.00 per month, the equivalent of a cup of takeaway coffee, you will ensure that we are there to support everyone, throughout our community, now and for the future. “Oakhaven allows us the time to really care for the patient and their families, to really give individual care and build relationships; it’s a privilege to be there for people as they die”

basis, here’s how you can help: It’s the small things that make a difference • £6 a month helps transport patients to and from our Day Hospice where they can enjoy a social day, shared laughter, a hearty lunch and relax for a while. • £12 a month helps those coping with a diagnosis or following the death of loved one the opportunity to work through their emotions with one of our counsellors. • £36 a month helps to bring the hospice to your home, where our community teams can support you, allowing you to remain at home and independent for as long as possible. Oakhaven Giving is easy to set up It is easy to set up a Direct Debit for Oakhaven Giving. Complete the form

Complete and return the form below to start helping Oakhaven Hospice today!

Your regular support will mean that you are giving the gift of care to those at the end of life

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I am happy for my data to be used to: (i) Contact me about opportunities to get involved in fundraising; (ii) Contact me about future Hospice initiatives; (iii) Send me your regular magazine. Please be assured that your details are held securely and Oakhaven Hospice will never share or sell them to any 3rd parties. Our full privacy statement is available to view on our website www.oakhavenhospice.co.uk. Make your gift go further with Gift Aid Are you a UK taxpayer? if so, by simply completing this from you can boost the value of your gift by 25p for every £1 you donate at no extra cost to you. Gift Aid is reclaimed by the charity from the tax you pay for the current tax year.

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Thank you for your support, please return your completed form to: Oakhaven Hospice, Lower Pennington Lane, Lymington, S041 8ZZ

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The Direct Debit Guarantee This guarantee should be detached and retained by the payer • This Guarantee is offered by all banks and building societies that accept instructions to pay Direct Debits If there re any chang s to the amount, ate or frequency of your Direct Debit, DD Pay Ltd re Oakhaven Hospice will notify you 10 working days in advance of your account being debited, or as otherwise agree. If you request DDPay Ltd re Oakhaven Hospice to collect a payment, confirmation of the amount and date will be given to you at the time of the request • If an error is made in the payment of your Direct Debit, by DD Pay Ltd re Oakhaven Hospice or your bank or building society, you are entitled to a full and immediate refund of the amount paid from your bank account or building society • If you receive a refund you are not entitled to, you must pay it back when DD Pay Ltd re Oakhaven Hospice asks you to • You can cancel a Direct Debit at any time by simply contacting your bank or building society. Written confirmation may be required. Please also notify us

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Oakhaven Hospice Autumn Supplement 2020


The Acorn Project: mighty oaks from little acorns grow

The students bring their joyous laughter, curiosity and energy to the hospice with such positivity it’s contagious!

patients and by pairing off they can get to know each other. Many questions are asked, which vary from “why do you use this wheelchair?” to “what is your favourite football team?” Over the next two weeks, everyone gets to know each other in more depth, we talk about feelings and emotions, play games recognising pieces of medical equipment used in the In Patient Unit. Often the students then open up and talk about how they are feeling if they have known a family member who has been very ill or died. There is always a lot of laughter and fun to be enjoyed by everyone! We are visited

regularly by our Acorn PAT (Pets as Therapy) dog, Riley, who comes along to show the children how therapeutic it feels to stroke a dog and how it can calm us down if we become stressed or anxious. The students and the Acorn Team work together to create a piece of artwork that the students can take back to school. It is usually based on a topic the children are currently studying in school. During this time, The Acorn Project has covered many topics, including Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole, World War 2, Kings and Queens, The World

Around Us and Smugglers and Pirates. We try and link each topic to modern day life, how nursing has changed from Florence Nightingale’s time to the present day and how changes in health, nutrition and hygiene have improved standards. The finale of the project is a presentation led by the students; families are invited to the Day Hospice to watch and meet the Acorn Team. We present our students with a certificate and a goody bag and celebrate our time together with a cup of tea and a piece of cake!

2020 celebrates the 10th year of the Acorn Project at Oakhaven Hospice, benefiting nearly 1000 local students. The Acorn Project is a fantastic scheme that invites school and college students from our local area to spend time with our patients in our Day Hospice. The idea is to gently introduce and educate the students about the hospice and to establish links between the hospice and local schools. We have had tremendous support from our local schools and colleges who have been involved with the Acorn Project over the last 10 years. Many of the students have gone on to become champions of

the hospice and excellent fundraisers. The Day Hospice doors normally open to the students every Tuesday over a period of four weeks. The students bring their joyous laughter, curiosity and energy to the hospice with such positivity it’s contagious! After an initial visit to the school to meet the children and parents we explain how the project works and answer any questions. During the first week the students meet the Acorn Team, explore the Oakhaven gardens, take a tour around the hospice and participate in a quiz. This is great moment for the students to get to know our Day Hospice

If your school would like to participate in the Acorn Project please contact our Acorn co-ordinator Tel 01590 670346

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Oakhaven Hospice Autumn Supplement 2020



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