2020 Fall Edition Newsletter

AFTER THOUGHT The Giffin homeplace in Oakwood has since disappeared. The house was sold and moved off the property and all the other farm buildings were taken down. All that was left that has been found was one of Lenora’s canning jars, a broken chair leg, a board off the old smokehouse, and a harness ring where the old ban once stood. And a broken shovel from Sam’s old plow is all that remains of the Giffin that once lived there. It could be remembered of Lenora fixing meals in the kitch en for the farmhands at harvest time. She would get up early, get a fire started in the kitchen range, and start pre paring her meal. By noon the tables were all set with table cloths and dinnerware. She always had meats, vegetables, breads, and beverages. Some of her happiest moments of her life now were when she would go to the mailbox and find a “Round Robin” letter from all of her sisters. She enjoyed it so much that she would read all the letters many times. She would then write her letter, replace the one letter that she had written previously, and mail all of the letters to another sister. All

of the sisters maintained that custom until the last years of their lives. Lenora would sit at the table at the end of each day, fire up the kerosene lamp, and read her bible. She would write explanations of each verse in the margins. Her bible was a theological goldmine. She had many fine qualities and patience was her finest virtue. Vincent Thorpe

Gift Certificates for Christmas at Miami County Historical Museum. Looking for what to get that hard to buy for person on your Christmas list. If they are interested in Genealogy and want to do family tree , why not start at Miami County Historical Museum. We have a great Geneaology person in Iris Kluber that could help you learn and develop your family tree. We have gift certificates that you can buy for a amount of your choice. Buy a membership for that person for $25 and that gets the Genealogy done for half price. This would be something interesting to do this winter. We can do the research or you can learn. Also you will be supporting your local museum. Volunteer opportunities are possible too.

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