Boxall 2021 Flip


It is a rare occurrence to add an artist to my gallery roster. It is a decision I take seriously as my philosophy has caused me to represent a relatively small group of artists I wholeheartedly believe in. It is my distinct pleasure to introduce the work of Katherine Boxall in this inaugural exhibition. I first viewed Katherine’s paintings at her solo exhibition at the Mint Museum in early 2020. I had not known her long and, without previous knowledge of her work, I was overwhelmed. My first thought was that the paintings evoked Intelligent Abstraction. After this initial viewing, I had a visceral and emotional interaction with the paintings and, unlike myself, immediately asked Katherine if she would join the gallery roster. When we scheduled this exhibition the choice of a title was obvious. A native of Ottawa, Katherine holds a BFA from Queen’s University and a MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute and is the recipient of several academic honors and awards. Her abstract expressionist paintings are bold, beautiful and intelligent. They exude conviction, energy and knowledgeable composition while making, I believe, a significant contribution to the understanding of contemporary works of art. Jerald L. Melberg

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