Pelican Pondering - Winter 2018

Fr om t he Manager s Desk

Hi Everyone,

I would like to start this Ponderings off by saying something about David McLeod, whom we sadly lost on the 3rd April 2018. Dave was a people person as many of you can attest to. He genuinely cared about where, for us, Pelican Shores was heading and wanted all our Residents and staff to be happy and pull together. From the time I started with Hampshire, Dave spent time listening, chatting and strategizing with me to do what’s best for both Hampshire and Pelican. I was indeed very fortunate to develop a wonderful and respectful relationship with Dave and he always allowed me to have my say with genuine interest. “Your my little Freak of Nature’ he would say— I will miss Dave very much and I am very grateful I was given the opportunity to get to know him, even a little. Thank you to those who could attend our Celebration of Life in honour of Dave, for joining me to lower the Australian Flag and placing flowers at it’s base, some of you bringing flowers from your gardens— I think Dave would have loved that— we said a prayer and bid him ‘Rest in Peace” and to those who couldn’t make it but held fond memories of Dave—I’d like to think he heard you—thank you all. One of the fondest chats I had with Dave was at Christmas just past. I had relayed to him the effort we were going to, to celebrate Christmas here, from the lights and tree on the pier, to the Christmas tree we were decorating, to the lights about the Admin building I nagged poor Danny Ashman to put up for me. I tried to send Dave some photo’s but for some reason they just would not go through. Dave laughed and had some cheeky things to say, then sent a photo of himself dressed in his Santa gear—with a glass of Santa cheer! And that’s how I want to remember Dave. Someone who was ready to laugh, be cheeky, go to bat for you if he needed, encourage you when you needed and listened to you when we all needed. Bless you Dave.

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