Pelican Pondering - Winter 2018


Moving on to about the Village, and what a difference we are all seeing. New Pre- Loved properties for sale, and new build properties in the making, our little Village has been such a hive of activity. Karen and I have been very busy with tours resulting in lots of sales here, so that means lots of new faces for us to get to know. Our last Meet & Greet New Residents afternoon tea saw us welcome in 10 new residents (though some new residents couldn’t make it) - it was still a lovely afternoon and a great way to say Welcome. Milton and the crew have also been busy with lot’s of Meet & Mingle nights and raffles with a delicious variety of foods to savour., such as pie nights and casserole nights. We also had great success with the Easter Raffle— thank you very much to Miffy Smith in particular who sold so many tickets, it was an amazing job.. Winner of the first prize was Barbara Weston and she was absolutely thrilled. Prizes also went to Dianna Matheson, Miffy Smith and Judy Logan. Proceeds are going towards the Village Christmas Party, so well done all. Well, I guess we can all feel the change in the air and though we would dearly love to hang on to the beautiful Autumn we’ve had, Winter will be here before you know it. So don’t forget about your flu shots! Also, maybe it might be time to think about some pest control, mice and rats will be thinking about heading indoors or under houses for shelter, so keep that in mind. For those of you who are thinking about travelling to a warmer climate for a time, please be safe on the roads and have a good time. What’s the bet you don’t spare us poor freezing souls a thought!! (Well ok, maybe I wouldn’t either).

As it gets colder and wetter, keep the activities going—stay positive, look out for each other and love where you live., it really is a good place.

Till next time



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