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Sandy Spring Friends School Mission Statement Purpose of the SSFS Host Family Program

Who are the SSFS Host Families?

Information for SSFS International Students in the Host Family Program

Preparing for a Successful and Happy Experience

The Adjustment Process

Here are a Few Things to Keep in MindWhile You Adjust Life and Expectations in Your New American Home

Host Family Rules and Expectations

Manners Privacy

Family Areas

Household Jobs

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Use of Computers and Internet

Cell Phones

InteractingWith Other Children in the Home

Meals and Food

Allergies and Dietary Restrictions

Weekday Meals Weekend Meals

Life Outside of Your New Home Your New Neighborhood Nightlife and Curfews School Vacation and Breaks

Money, Valuables, and Miscellaneous Conversation for English Language Learners Using EnglishWith Other International Students

Using EnglishWith TheWhole Family Techniques For Mutual Understanding


What to do if Problems Arise in Your Host Family If Problems Persist With Your Host Family



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