908334--PICASSO--Nude Woman Crowned with Flowers, 1930

Femme nue couronnee de fleurs, assise en tailleur, 1930 Pablo Picasso

The Vollard Suite was the culmination of the collaboration between Picasso and Ambroise Vollard (1865-1939), who had been his first dealer and for whom he had illustrated a number of books. It consists of one hundred prints made in the period 1930-7. Of these, ninety-seven were selected by Picasso and given to Vollard in exchange for a number of his early works; the remaining three were portraits of Vollard. Picasso used a range of techniques in this series, such as etching, aquatint, drypoint, wash, burin and scraping. He depicted a variety of themes, among which the sculptor in his studio and scenes from Greek mythology, particularly relating to the Minotaur, predominate.

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