Master Tech Ortho Surgery Elbow CH1


1  Exposures of the Upper Extremity: Humerus, Elbow, Forearm

●● The radial nerve is protected by gentle lateral retraction (Fig. 1A-14). ●● This maneuver allows complete exposure of the posterior aspect of the humerus. The radial nerve is protected in the brachioradialis musculature laterally since it has been freed from the intermus- cular septum. The ulnar nerve is safely protected and is retracted medially. Note : For extensile exposures at this juncture, the triceps may be reflected from the tip of the olecranon. The subcutaneous border of the ulna is identified, and the entire posterior aspect of the arm from the proximal humerus to the distal ulna may be readily and safely exposed.



This along with exposure of the ulna is the easiest and safest exposure of the upper extremity. Recently, various modifications have centered on the manner of releasing the triceps attachment from the ulna. Position The patient is supine and the arm brought across the chest. Indications When extended distally, this can be used for exposure for total elbow arthroplasty and fracture of the midshaft of the humerus. Skin Incision A straight posterior skin incision as long as needed to address the pathology.

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